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"The Accursed Thing" Vs. 1.

No! God isn't going to arrange your stoning to death if you buy a bar of gold and have a few silver dinner table items! Achan was a very wreckless man and didn't fall into sin but rather was choosing the sinfulness of the Jericho people. That which God condemned was acceptable to him and so he entered into the very curse, death and destruction of Jericho. What greatness of the Lord's work Achan could see all around him, yet he "lightly esteemed" the goodness of God.

Achan's Hidden Opposition

Achan snatched up the "accursed" thing because the "accursed" thing was in his heart. Friendship with the world is   "enmity with God" [James 4:4.] The position of Achans heart was in opposition to God. Though he gave the "impression" he agreed with God, he lived differently. The urgency is for the Christian to keep our  hearts "with all diligence for out of it are the issues of Life" [Prov. 4:23.] Achan rebelled against the Lord. Joshua 22:19-20.

The Flesh and presumption. Vs. 3.

Vs. 3. The people boasted of victory but such was presumption in the arm of the flesh! Moses's action of killing the one single Egyptian was based on "supposition" in his own strength that the Lord would deliver the children of Israel not realising that taking such action would be equivalent to moving Mount Kilimanjaro with a tooth pick! [Refer Acts 7:25.]   "Cursed be the man that trusteth in man and maketh flesh his arm..."  [Jeremiah 17:5.]

Empty Contentment Vs. 7.

Vs. 7. Sometimes the war motions of entering into the promised fullness can exasperate to the point of just like Joshua in a moment of despair he considers  - just settle with the spiritual mediocre on the other side of Jordan outside the fullness of God's goodness. No, No, No! Like Caleb, the Lord fire us up to take whatever mountain it takes to see his full glory and enter into all of His riches.  1 Timothy 6:6. "Godliness with contentment is great gain." The Lord is an exceeding and Great reward!

"Thy Great Name" Vs. 9.

Of course the very name of Joshua means "Jehovah Saved" and Joshua is very much aware of the Mighty power of The name of the Lord manifest in Egypt and the wilderness. The Name Jesus was given by God and we are told this name is above every Name.  Philippians 2:9. How great is the fact that His Name can be magnified in us - see   2 Thessalonians 1:11-12. also "Therefore shall the strong people glorify thee" [Isaiah 25:3.]  Be strong in the Lord and like Joshua stop at NOTHING to go ALL out for HIM!

Sin and Not Able to Stand Vs. 11&12.

Israel now is in great fear and discouragement and the Lord outlines the causes in verse 11 - Sin, transgression, stealing, accursed thing, and dissembled (deliberate deception). The charge is "Israel has sinned". Because of sin Israel was not able to "stand before their enemies" (vs. 12.) We are so open to the enemy and "wiles of the Devil" where there is any disregard like with Achan to the Word of God. Jesus overcame the Devil on the authority of the Word of God. The new Testament is the greatest Contract of Blessing on Earth.

Incomplete - to be continued.

Jesus is Reaching for You.

God Bless.