Home Thinking it Over! Meditation The Lord Rebuilds the Ruins!

David Hayman.

Ez 36:36 ".. I the LORD build the ruined [places, and] plant that that was desolate: I the LORD have spoken it, and I will do it.".

I saw in a documentary recently a poor woman in Brazil, who worked very hard under pressure in a meat processing facility to make ends meet for her family, but because of the excessive strain on her arm, doing the same work every day for years, her arm started to freeze up, to the point where her husband had to start massaging it every morning before work to get it moving. She continued to work however not knowing what was happening and eventually, after going to the doctor when she could no longer work, the x-ray revealed that the nerves in her arm had died and her arm started to shrivel up. It looked very ugly and she now has to learn to live with one arm and in significant pain. After all this she said to herself in tears, "O my G_d , what have I done to my life, I've ruined it". I wonder if this is how you feel about your life? In many different ways we can ruin it! Many tears and regrets there can be.  Not everyone has, so I want to talk to those who feel that way. But if that's you, hang on, because here in Ezekiel, the Lord is showing us that he 'builds the ruined places' and he 'plants the desolate' to make them fruitful again! How wonderful. But who does that?! Just demolish the broken building, and pluck up the desolate tree,  start with fresh new material - right? Do a tear-down-rebuild. They're the days we live in. This world spits out what's old and messed up and looks for someone younger and better. But God is different. He would take a broken hearted person who is in pain and fear, with a  ruined life, to do a renovation, build you again and make you fruitful for all eternity. Some men realise this when they've walked out on a faithful wife, for some young chick, years later - what have I done? We can ruin our lives in many ways but Jesus Christ can rebuild us. Guilt and shame are reasons we feel ruined. Things we wish we could hide but it's out in the open and no one will forget. But Jesus can make ALL things NEW (read Rev 21:5); yes a brand new start!  When we're heartbroken we can feel that we're no good for anything, but God can make us fruitful in a wonderful new way. Take Jesus hand today, its outstretched, he can make all things NEW! And one day in the new heaven and new earth all these former things WILL be forgotten (Isaiah 65:17) but what Christ has done in our hearts won't be, if we let him. If we reject Christ we reject the only true friend we have and the only one who can do all these things.

God bless.