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Pilgrim and Hopeful meet Atheist! Part 26.


                                                                   Part 26.                   


   ¶ Now, after awhile, they perceived afar off, one coming softly, and

   alone, all along the highway, to meet them. Then said Christian to his

   fellow, Yonder is a man with his back towards Zion, and he is coming to

   meet us.


   Hopeful: I see him; let us take heed to ourselves now, lest he should

   prove a Flatterer also. So he drew nearer and nearer, and at last came




   up to them. His name was Atheist, and he asked them whither they were


Pilgrim and Hopeful Enter the Enchanted Ground. Part 27a. | Print |


                                                                Part 27a.




   ¶ I then saw in my dream, that they went on until they came into a

   certain country whose air naturally tended to make one drowsy, if he

   came a stranger into it. And here Hopeful began to be very dull, and

   heavy to sleep: wherefore he said unto Christian, I do now begin to

   grow so drowsy that I can scarcely hold open mine eyes; let us lie down

   here, and take one nap.

Pilgrim continues to listen to Hopeful's Testimony. Part 27b. | Print |


                                                           Part 27b.


   Christian: And what did you do then?


   Hopeful: Do! I could not tell what to do, until I broke my mind to



       [ They remember their dear friend Faithful and his courage]        


   Faithful; for he and I were well acquainted. And he told me, that

   unless I could obtain the righteousness of a man that never had sinned,

   neither mine own, nor all the righteousness of the world, could save


Pilgrim and Hopeful share more with Ignorance. Part 28. | Print |


                                                                          Part 28.



   ¶ I saw then in my dream, that Hopeful looked back, and saw Ignorance,

   whom they had left behind, coming after. Look, said he to Christian,

   how far yonder youngster loitereth behind.




   Christian: Aye, aye, I see him: he careth not for our company.


   Hopeful: But I trow it would not have hurt him, had he kept pace with

   us hitherto.


   Christian: That is true; but I warrant you he thinketh otherwise.


   Hopeful: That I think he doth; but, however, let us tarry for him. (So

   they did.)

Pilgrim and Hopeful converse through enchanted Ground: Part 29a. | Print |


                                                               Part 29a.



   ¶ Then Christian addressed himself thus to his fellow:


   Christian: Well, come, my good Hopeful, I perceive that thou and I must

   walk by ourselves again.


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