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Whatever is your low feeling or low position

or low dealings of man, The Wonderful Love

of God is there for You!


These Words of "Lifting up" are words that were spoken to Job, and

he was one among many in The Bible that was in desperate need of being

"Lifted Up"; A nd how mightly he was blessed!

Jesus loves you and He will not fail to lift you up - He did that for the

woman at the well, who was a social outcast - he Lifted up the woman who

was caught in adultery and thrown at His feet, but he stooped down with

her in the dust and cleared her guilt - What a Great Saviour  

and Heavenly Lord has come to The World

with such a Love!


And You can fully Trust in Jesus to love, cheer, forgive and

Lift you up too, because He is "The Same Yesterday, Today

and Forever."

God Bless you with this wonderful promise.  

  "When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person".

[Job 22:29.]