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T. Austin Sparks - Messages.


David endured much distress in his forward advancement in the things of The Lord, and turned to The Lord in these experiences, as in the verse at hand.

How wonderfully we can experience The Lord's lovingkindness, as we turn to Him early in every matter of distress, because though we may have some difficulty, it is important to remember that, behind all the Lord allows is His plan for increase, not decrease; this blessing comes via mercy, as David in this verse goes on to say, "have mercy upon me and hear my prayer" [Psalm 4:1.]

The Lord encourage you in the goodness of ENLARGEMENT, That He without a doubt, has for you through every difficulty and distress.

"The Lord shall increase you, more and more, you and your children" [Psalm 115:14.] Do not accept any depressing thoughts and lies to the contrary, and say with David again, "Surely goodness and mercy shall FOLLOW ME ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE..." [Psalm 23: 6.]

Jesus Loves You.

God Bless