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 "Thou rulest the raging of the sea: when the waves thereof arise, Thou stillest them." [Psalm 89:9.]

How the waves, sometimes can arise, as they did with the disciples on the Sea of Galilee, and we read that the ship was  "tossed with the waves for the winds were contrary" [Matthew 14:24-33.]

Some ships of routine life seem to sail on ok, and then all of a sudden we find ourselves "toiling" against contrary winds and being "tossed" and feeling that we may suffer serious damage in this "raging sea" of circumstances!

Three things happened to the disciples in the storm on the Sea of Galilee, that caused them to... [Matthew 14:33.]

Those three things were:


Jesus said.... 


    [Matthew 14:27.]


And Jesus also said to Peter... [Matthew 14:29.]

And Peter "cried, saying"..

                                                            [Matthew 14:30.]

Jesus is above our circumstances, NOTHING ever SWAMPS HIM!

Major Ian Thomas, a well known Conference speaker once greeted a Christian with the words, "Hi, how are you going", to which he received the reply, "Oh, not too bad under the circumstances" causing a quick response from brother, with the words, "Oh, what are you doing under there?"

There are many contrary winds that can blow upon us from time to time and sometimes creating a "raging sea" in our travels, to which we can respond as the disciples did to hear his voice, come to Him and call upon Him, and doubtless, there will be ultimate blessing that will cause us to fall at His feet in thanks and..               In Johns Gospel, we read... "Then they willingly received Him into the ship and IMMEDIATLY the ship was at the land WHITHER they went" [John 6:21.]  and we read in Marks Gospel chapter 6, that when they arrived "whither they went" there was great blessing.

Jesus  "constrained His disciples to get into a ship" [Matthew 14:22.] and directed them to go over to the other side of the sea; The Lord allowed this storm, and they were heading in the directions he gave, and they were in His will, but the precious lesson for them and us is, it is only by his power that we can be conveyed in His will, glorious purpose and blessing. Trust Him in every storm, receive Him willingly on board into every tossing ship, and before you know it, you will be at the destination of blessing, and rejoicing in His unfailing GOODNESS!

The Lord create for you in every stormy Issue,  "Peace and a great calm" [Mark 4:39.]

Jesus Loves You

God Bless