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           "And to you who are troubled  rest with us, when The 

                       Lord Jesus shall  be revealed from Heaven with

                           His Mighty Angels..." [ 2 Thessalonians 1:7]

Paul in writing to the Church at Thessaloniki mentions the Greatest

Worldwide event ever to happen, and that will be, the Stepping

into this World, the Originator of all things, and also the originator

of the very life you are now participating in, which is on loan to

you for a time, to be either extended into...



                       Not Extended


which leaves the only option, of abiding at the "dead end"

of Human Life,




which has no component of God's Eternal Life and thus

spells out ...


                                         Eternal Death!

The Lord encourage you dear Friend, if you don't know Him,

to take the step that you have often been reminded to

do, (possibly by a mother, father, brother, sister, son,

daughter, uncle, auntie, friend or whoever) to secure

your eternal destiny of.....


 And that simple step, is to come to Jesus and accept

Him as your loving Saviour, friend and Lord.

Jesus is Reaching for You!

God Bless.