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"A Bruised Reed will He Not Break, and

Smoking flax will He not Quench, Till He

Send forth Judgement unto...

[Matthew 12:17-21]

a bruised People of the world we are today.

In the words of Barry McGuire's Song there is a graphic

picture of the greatness of the "Bruising" affecting this

needy world.

"Worlds gone insane, people blowing out there brains

flying off bridges, lying down in front of trains

Shooting dope to cope, life cause they can't take it,

Getting drunk, Life's always stunk, It's more than what

they make it, Aah, have you heard, There is A Peace"

The title of the song is, "There is a Peace"

Bruising is always the result of a

careless or deliberate action on the part of ourselves or

somebody else;  IE, deliberately or carelessly getting out

of  your pocket a bright red hankerchief in front of a bull who

easily finds a willingness to oblige the gesture and cause

considerable physical "bruising" leaving you very tender and

sore (if not Dead!) and confined, lacking a desired liberty to

live  normally!

Came... "To set at Liberty them that are

bruised" [Luke 4:18.] Those that are bruised can not live

at Liberty, a Person that has a serious bruise is very sensitive

to being touched in the affected  area of  the body and often

movement amongst others is avoided because of that

sensitivity to being, hurt again in the same area, and so it is,

that also this truth applies to us in the realm of the inward life,

in the heart and spirit of a person, and  such pain can be

much more severe, even to the point of suicide.

Christians we may also suffer inward "Bruising".

There are many ways our souls may be  beaten and battered

and bruised to the point of acute pain, because of suffering

inflicted by others or the self inflicted suffering of our own sin

and Failure;  whatever the case my friend...

.....and then the verse Goes on to say... "Till He send forth

Judgement unto Victory!

Jesus is able to set  you  at Liberty, whatever your

bruising, whether self inflicted or the pain of the actions of

others, He loves you and will not fail to give you great peace,

as the words of  Barry  McGuire have expressed.

Is Christ the one who is able to "set at Liberty

them that are bruised" and not break the "Bruised reed"?

The following are wonderful Reasons why:-

Jesus is our Heavenly Fathers "Beloved" [vs.18] who

possesses and is able to give  Adam's race this great love

of God and grace to heal any  "bruised" heart because

He was "Bruised for our iniquities"; [Isaiah 53:5] bore

our sin and shame, triumphed over the grave for us, rose

again and ascended to the "right hand of the Majesty

on High" to intercede for and give to all that come to him,

perfect multiplying  peace, setting  at Liberty with joy from

all the inward bruising of all sorrows, hurts and regrets,

of the past.

David was one who was severely "bruised" and suffered

much because of his  sin, But he drew  near, acknowledged

to The Lord all his wrong, and was able to rejoice  greatly

and say in Psalm 3:2 "But Thou O Lord art a shield for

me; my glory, and the lifter of my head" And He will

lift up your head as he did for Job after he realised his

wretchedness, forsook his greatly valued righteousness,

and repented in Dust Cloth and ashes. At first he was

complaining about God's strokes and that he was sitting

in the dust, but after The Lord revealed his beggarly

inward condition, he knew that's where he needed to be!

In The Dust!

Says that "He shall show

judgement unto the gentiles", and  where this

judgement is coming from is in the next verse which

says "He shall not strive, nor cry, neither shall His

voice be heard in the streets" - and how is that? - It

is because "God sent not His Son into the world to

condemn the world but that the world through

Him Might be saved" [John 3:17.] One day "Every

knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess

that Jesus Christ is Lord to The Glory of God

The Father" at The Great White Throne judgement

where the great tally shall be made for all men, but for

those who have accepted Christ the only judgement

Will be for rewards based upon fruitfulness which is not

outward but that which is inward, produced by "The

operation of God" through The Spirit.

A summery of this wonderful Grace  that  has

come in Christ to a 'Bruised" and battered world of fears,

vanities and tears.

How wonderful is His Judgement, to not break off all us

"bruised reeds" which is the normal thing a gardener would

do, to preserve the rest of the plant, but this great gardener

in Love and patience and skill will not give up on you and me

but deal with  us in truth and grace, restoring Life and vigor,

bringing  us through to Victory!

And that's why the next verse says "And in His Name

shall The Gentiles Trust."

With what rest we can come to Christ and as Peter said

casting all our cares upon Him for He Cares for us.

[1 Peter 5:7]

The Lord bless you and set you at joyful liberty more and

more, in knowing Him and His unfailing Love.

Jesus Loves You.

God Bless.