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                                  "...and there was no more sea" [Revelation 21:1.]

Ministry Given By: Shaun beswarick.

Church: Oak Flats christian Fellowship.

Date: Sunday 25th. October 09. Morning Fellowship.

Written by: Shaun Beswarick.

 This is a puzzling verse if you think about it.  Why no more sea for all eternity?  What has God against the sea?  I have heard it explained that having no more sea will enable all the believers down through the ages to have enough physical space in which to dwell; but this is not a satisfying explanation.


Coupled with other verses about the sea in the Word, this wonderful promise in Revelation gains a much more fulfilling meaning.


In many places in the Word, the sea refers to the sea of man-kind; a restless, agitated and ever changing mass of souls.   Daniel 7:2-3 explains that the "sea" produced four terrifying "beasts", which are kingdoms that have and will rule the earth - the last beast being the worst of them all.  You see, the sea of mankind can only produce a beast!  This is also the picture in  Revelation 13 when the anti-Christ rises out of the "sea".  Left to itself, this world produces only evil and cannot produce anything good - and it is unsatisfying and untrustworthy.  You can't trust the sea!  History is riddled with cases where men have trusted to their own peril-and this world is even more perilous!


Wonderfully, The Lord is over-ruling and withholding this great sea - it is subject to His command and cannot overflow at will.   (Psalm 89:9)  Jesus "commanded" and "rebuked" the wind and waves, producing a "great calm" - a comfort in a time when the sea is roaring like never before!


Consider the Arc.  Noah and his family and all those animals, safe and secure despite the raging waters outside that have easily over-powered and destroyed the lives of all those poor souls who scoffed at the warning whilest the arc was "preparing".  [1Peter 3:20.]


Yes!  No more sea in the new earth!  No more destruction and restlessness!  No more shifting, overflowing and drowning!  In fact, the sea mentioned in heaven is a "sea of glass, like unto crystal" - what an opposite picture to the restless sea that carries the spirit of a beast!   (Isaiah 57:20-21)


A sea of glass has no waves; no blemish; no churning and no hidden danger!  What a peace is coming; and what a peace is ours NOW in Christ.  Though we must dwell in this sea, we are not at its mercy but at the mercy of the "Prince of Peace"  [Isaiah 9:6.] who "commands the wind and waves"!


No more sea indeed!

Jesus Loves You!

God Bless.