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Written by Grant Hayman   


                                                    RAW Brokeness !

 ¶ A young man walking down the road, could not help but be  noticed wearing a tight fitting tee shirt that demonstrated his physical prowess, and across the front of the shirt in bold red print was the word - RAW . What was the message presented? Raw power ? Raw good looks ? The "Raw" that is on exhibition today and increasing at an alarming rate, is man's "Raw" love of self, lawlessness and violence. The evidence is all around - Broken lives, Suicide, Corporate dishonesty and Collapse!

                                         RAW TRUTH!

What man needs, is to face the RAW TRUTH ! and this truth can set him free! The RAW Truth is: It doesn't matter about his physique, his money, - It all goes only as far as the grave! Just like the picture and the RAW devastation at Pearl Harbor in 1941, man faces in the whole natural realm, the RAW Devastation of Death!      "The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord" [Romans 6:23.]

Man's sinful condition has reaped upon his spirit, soul and body, eternal death; BUT the Bible declares    Jesus Christ has "Tasted Death for EVERY Man" [Hebrews 2:9.]


                                            Now that is


When you come to Jesus, your spirit is recovered from death and you are "Born again "; Your soul is revived with the joy of sins forgiven , and the Goodness of The Lord with you , and you rest in the fact of resurrection victory in Christ over the grave for your body. This is the Raw Truth of the Gospel.

Jesus Loves You.

   God Bless.