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Joshua Chapter 1.



The following  are brief (and not meant to be comprehensive) notes shared  at Church Bible Study Midweek gathering. Bible Study topic is the Book of Joshua.

"Fear not and be not Shattered"

Joshua ch. 1

Great Blessing Ahead with Jesus ( Our Joshua )

Approaching the Spiritual Land of Plenty:
¶ 1. Every place the sole of the feet shall tread shall be God given. [Joshua 1:3.]
With us there can be much that is not God Given and leaves us on "dead" ground but as we turn to the Lord and hand over all to him like David did, there can be recovery and beauty for ashes. The human realm is a realm of ashes that only Christ can change! Look to Jesus for life in every step you take.

"Possess your possessions" [Obadiah 1:17.]

2. The Lord is with us: [Joshua 1:5.]
Praise the Lord that he is with us, yet it is plain to see and also to recall that often the Lord is not with what we can sometimes initiate but he is still with you and has promised that he will never "leave you nor forsake you" [Hebrews 13:5.] so that we can turn to Him, confess our bungle and be taken on to possess the land. There were many failures in Israel's forward progress and the Lord didn't throw them out of the promised land but chastened, forgave as they turned to him and proceeded to bless their onward fight of faith.

Never Forsaken!

¶ There will never be any time that you are forsaken by the Lord!
3. The Lord will not fail you.

"There failed not ought of any good thing which the LORD had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass". [Joshua 21:45.] All the promises of God in Christ are "yea and amen". [2 Corinthians 1:20.] and because of his faithfulness as we read in verse 8 there is "good success".
4. A must encouragement for progress and final blessing and Victory:

Very Courageous!

¶ Be strong and of good courage  "BE VERY COURAGEOUS"! [Joshua 1:6-7]
As Peter said "And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue" (Virtue - Valour.). [2 Peter 1:5.]
Valour is a must for any and every forward step of spiritual growth and that's why the Lord says   "be not afraid" "be strong" [Vs. 9.] Fear is a snare but knowing his steadfast love for us, causes all fear to be cast out, enabling "purpose of heart" to cleave unto Him. [1 John 4: 18. Acts 11:23.]

Don't be Shattered!

5. God's last word to devastate the devastating!
"Be not Dismayed"
The word dismayed means "shattered".
¶ There can occur sometimes circumstances which can have the power to render us "shattered" whether issues of our own making or what can befall us, bringing great sorrow and pain and difficulty. There may loom before us a mountain of woe that threatens to devastate and shatter and these mountains can appear impossible to negotiate,
BUT, the Lord says; do not be shattered: Where you are, and whatever your circumstance "my Grace is sufficient" [2 Corinthians 12:9.] to carry you through and give you "the garment of Praise for the spirit of heaviness". [Isaiah 61:3.]
¶ The Lord was saying to the children of Israel through Joshua I am with you and haven't forsaken you and that is sufficient for you to know that there is nothing so grave that I will not have the power to turn such shadow of darkness into the bright light of new morning and bring you into all my glorious purpose!

¶ The Lord bless and give you a vision of the greatness of "the land" of God's will for you in Christ: Keep "Presing toward the mark" of such a thrilling Prize.

Grant Hayman.

Jesus is reaching for  You.

The Lord Bless You Real Good.