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Written by Grant Hayman   
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No Saviour but Jesus!
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So Great Salvation. [Hebrews 2:3.]

How are you travelling the road of Life? Is it a clear road ahead for you into the never Ending Eternity as in the Picture - Right?

The travel experience along this road of Life, is it much like the Picture - Left?

Or is your travelling experience one of great Comfort and Delight that All is Well,

all The Way into The Never Ending Eternity as in the Picture Below? Click here for

more on this road that leads to Glory!

"Thou wilt shew me the path of Life"

Psalm 16:11.


The following is a directory for the

happy discovery of the simple steps to take in discovering the greatest Joy on earth,

and no, that isn't finding a wife or husband that loves you, (though such a blessing is

truly a great find) but finding peace with God and peace about death and eternity,

forgiveness and Eternal Life!

* First Step. *

Perceive the reality - God exists!  "The Heavens declare the Glory of God

and the firmament shews forth His handywork [Psalm 19:1].


¶ This matter of "The Lord" - "God" - "Heaven " - "Hell" is from Gods perspective, one that is backed by a great Love and great Giving, not meanness. Click here for a look at the great and thrilling truth of His love for you.

For the unsearchable Riches of Christ, click on the picture.

¶ Doubtful and even have questions about the "Existence of God" and even question whether you have a soul and spirit? Click here for an encouragement in these realities.

To see two wonderful realities about the stand alone beauty of the Bible: Click here.

* Second Step. *

Choose the LIGHT & TRUTH of the Word of God  [John 17:17].

"Walk in the Light"

¶ The second step is to step into the light of the fact that we are all sinners. Gods Word declares - "If we say that we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. [1 John1:8.]

"If we say that we have not sinned we make God a liar and his word is not in us" [1 John 1:10.]

¶ The prodigal son came to his father and said - "I have sinned against Heaven and in thy sight and am no more worthy to be called thy son". [Luke 15:21.] Click here for fuller detail with illustrations on Gods wonderful answer for man's salvation from sin and death.



* Third Step. *

Seek to be clear where your Eternal Pilgrim journey is heading.

Pilgrims Progress.

¶ From the book  this picture

depicts Pilgrim in his travels, and with a huge burden upon

his back, comes to a hill and seeing the cross lifted up high realises that Christ went through all the suffering of his burden of

sin and death and rose again to deliver him from this burden and give him Eternal Life.

¶ Upon this realisation of such love and deliverance, Pilgrim believed and instantly the

burden rolled down the hill and fell into a sepulchre making him free forever.

Pilgrim now Sings

"Thus far did I come laden with my sin, ~

Nor could ought ease the grief that I was in, Till I came hither. What a place is this! ~ Must here be the beginning of my bliss? ~ Must here the burden fall from off my back? ~ Must here the strings that bound it to me crack?

Blest cross! blest sepulchre ! blest rather be The man that there was put to shame for me!"

To read this wonderful part of "Pilgrim's Progress" click on the picture.

* Fourth Step. *

Consider who really, has the words of ETERNAL LIFE [John 6:68].

Multitudes, when they heard what great

things he (Christ) did came unto Him.

[Mark 3:8]


It would take reams of pages to rehearse the greatness of Christ.

You could say, but what difference is there between the greatness

that has been ascribed to Christ and that which has been ascribed

to any other religious leader? There is an immeasurable difference!