Home Saved to The Uttermost

T. Austin Sparks - Messages.



           [Hebrews 7:25]



                 peaceful flight

He is able to Save to the 

Uttermost all that come unto God by

him seeing He ever Liveth to make

Intersession for Them"


However needy you may feel, no matter what

cave you may be hiding in for fear (Like King David

was) Jesus Christ is on your Case!

Every Christian is already raised to "The Uttermost"

in Christ according to Ephesians 2:6 but not necessarily

saved from the "Lowermost" to enjoy the fullness of  "All

Spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ." [Eph1:3.] 

How is it that he is Able to bring us through?

1. He ever lives to represent you for blessing and goodness.


2His Melchisedec Priesthood for all believing, repentant

    sinners is as "The King of Righteousness, King of Peace"

    which means He can make everything right for You

    and give you as brother Bakht Singh would say "Heavenly

    Multiplying Peace". If Jesus is The king of Peace then

    He is in complete control and can bring Peace over any

     trouble, over any "Storm" as Jesus did for the disciples

    on the sea of Galilee. Also if he is The King of righteousness

     then there is nothing that The lord cannot make right in

     The Sight of heaven! [7:2 & 21]

3.  You can be absolutely sure of The All Sufficient Grace of

     Christ with these Powers and these blessings to

      Save you "To The Uttermost"  [7:22]


      The Lord Bless you with this wonderful Promise.