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Written by Grant Hayman   

Love is the inspiration for life that breaths on us every day! How can you not love a glorious sunrise on a clear day; a picturesque garden full of the most vibrant array of flowers and shrubs providing a beautiful display of brilliant colour! As a very popular song goes "Love is in the air".

Travel and sightseeing is an annual billion dollar industry of eager people "in love" with natural Beauty..

In Ecclesiastes 3:11. there is a beautiful truth...  "He hath made everything beautiful in His time: also He hath set The World in their Heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end." Man  is so besotted by the universe that to entertain himself with this "matter" of "God" is too much of a bother, he is so in love with The World, The Universe, The Heavens, The Glory of the Galaxies, the sheer pleasure of all there is to enjoy and thus has become bound to Earthly things, desperate to gather up for himself as much as possible because Death is coming up quickly and doesn't realise that "The Earth is The Lord's and The Fullness thereof; the World and they that dwell therein" [Psalm 24:1.]

This is much like a child when given a fancy toy, the child becomes so dazzled and occupied with all the amusement, that he or she becomes totally oblivious to the "great love" and maturity of the parent that gave it, and it is only in time, with looking to the parent that it is realised, there is a greater love  behind the giving of the gift than the gift itself, in other words the giver is greater than the gift.

Man has a capacity to "Love" many things but in the twinkling of an eye that capacity to "love" can turn into brutal hatred.

How strange it is that religion can declare that "God is great and merciful" and yet wage a campaign of violence and hatred toward the freedom of others to differ!

Where then can be found a great love that forgives, heals the broken hearted , seeks not its own, bears all things and endures all things and never fails?

You find this GREAT LOVE when.....

Jesus said... "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay  down his life for his friends." [John15:13.]

There Is no human being that has loved you as much as Jesus does, The Bible says that He has "Tasted death  for every man" that means He died your death for you! Now that means that....


If you don't Know Him then come to Him today, receive Him as Your Saviour from Sin and Death.

Rejoice in Receiving eternal Life because you now have Christ and He is That Eternal Life!

Rejoice that you are loved with an eternal love from which you can NEVER be separated!


Get to know Him more as you hear His Voice through His Word.



God Bless.