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Written by Grant Hayman   
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Pastors and the Church. Part 3.
Page 2: *1. Pastor and Diaconate Anomalies. - The Pastor. - Host of Sad Issues. - Professionalism is Spiritual Loss. - Under Cold Contract or Edified by Love. - The Paid Pastor. - Ministry not by Constraint. - Pay the Pastor Struggle.
Page 3: * Global and Local Supply. * The Lord's Rich Deposit in the Local Church. * God's Way with a Newly Formed Group of Believers. * Send out a Committee and Hire a Pastor. * Christ the Only Door into the Sheepfold.
Page 4: * 2. The Diaconate. - Deacons - Church Council - Church Management Committee. - The Headship of Christ Nullified. - Non-Biblical Common Classification of Elders. - Church and Pastor/Diaconate Peril! * 3. Congregation. - Make Merchandise of The Church. - Serving Self Interest and Honour. - Marketing the Church as a Commodity. - Professionalism and Congregational Demands. - Pressure - Stress and Breakdown. - Congregation Served and thus Pays. - The Stress of Support and Fund Raising. - No Christian Ministry Should be Money Based. - Christian Music and other Industries Plundering the Church.
Page 5: * Laodacean Call to Overcome. * Ministers not Chargeable to the Congregation. * High Self Esteem Horrors! * Professional Ministry May Beg Professional Scrutiny. * Congregation Participation and Blessing. * Para-Church Organisations Facilitate Christian Ministries. * Para-Church Organisations Fill a Need. * True Balanced Spiritual Growth. * Spiritual Falsification Checked in the Local Church.
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Pastors and The Church.

Part 3.