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Past Conference 2012.
Write The Vision.
Written by Grant Hayman   
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Past Conference 2012.
Page 2: * Introduction Friday Night. * Moses and the Burning Bush. * The Fires of the Lord - Judgment - The Last Judgment - Sacrifice. * Friendly Fire - Moses Approved things that are Excellent - Peter and trial of Faith - Our Call from a Burning Bush. * Saturday Session 1: Approve things excellent in Christ - His Love - The Excellency of Who Christ is.
Page 3: * Approve things Excellent in the Believer * The Nothingness of the Flesh * Examination of which Way for the Blessing * The Will of God * The ordinances of man * Employer and Employee * Husbands and Wives * Parents and Children * The Wrong Fire to Choose. (Warren W. Wiersbe.) * Saturday Session 3: * Approve Things Excellent in the Church * Heavenly Vision * Grand Display of Christs Glory * The Manifold Wisdom of God Through The Church.
Page 4: * Edification of the Local Church. * Fitly Framed Together in Fellowship * The Beautiful Result of Christ's Love. * Additional Notes: The Sum of All Spiritual Grace is Christ. * Psalm 8 * Special Note: The Lord Reveals Himself through the Word - Unfailing Faith - Following on to Know the Lord.
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Approving things

that are


In Christ.

In the Believer.

In the Church.

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Conference 2012.

"That Ye may


Things That


Excellent ...."

[Philippians 1:10.]