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May I encourage you at this point about the importance of not being "Fearful" of God! As you follow what you are reading, you will through believing become very thrilled with The Goodness of God toward you and the whole World!

firstlyEternity has been placed into your heart and conscience so that your thoughts can often run in the direction of "What is life all about? - What is after Death? - Where will I spend eternity? - Is there a God and how Might I Know him?" Oh Yes! Your position and mine is a strange one, everything around us has perpetual existence - The Sun, Moon, The Sea, The heavens, The Universe and galaxies but what about man - His whole realm and what applies to him as Life, Dies and also he Dies - The Glorious things that he can't alter go on and on and everything associated with his activity Dies, and so while he looks at the tangible longevity of beautiful Life all around him there is within a longing and wondering...


...how and why this Great Universe is perpetual and yet he himself for whom this all exists grasps for life to continue in it but fades into death, and the reason for this great empty void of wondering is because Death came on TOP of mans Possession of Endless Life, Leaving in his Soul a conscious Vacuum of desperation for



 Where is the real you? If you look in a mirror,

are you seeing the real you? You are looking at your body but

is that all you are? Just skin and bone, and brain and nerve

responses, or is there much more? What about "Feelings",

"Emotions", "Sadness", "Gladness", these and more make

up your "Personality", and there is "Intuition" which is a telling

reality that man has a "Soul" - A person may receive a clear

inward "sense" that something very serious has happened to

a loved one and upon enquiry, it is found that at that precise

moment something very serious did happen and the person

was thousands of miles away! Police investigations often

involve the services of "Clairvoyants" with very real pin point

accuracy - Amazing utilisation in professional arenas of

"another realm" in man that is very powerful, and this realm is

the "soul" and "spirit" of every individual, Yes! There is

another realm that is a part of You, which you cannot see but

you know it is real and powerful, and most importantly it is

Eternal! - so, this personality of yours, the seat of your

affections and desires and emotions,- this is  the real

you! -  which even your dying body (when that moment comes)

cannot hold back! so whose world does "the real you" now

enter into! - Whose Authority and  Power do we now come

under? The answer is simple - The one whose power and 

authority is already over the whole universe, - The most

Wonderful, all knowing and Loving God, who in His Great

love has included You! 


 thirdly King David (Approximately 1034 BC) said in Psalm 8. "When I consider the Heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars which Thou hast ordained, what is man that Thou art mindful of him and the son of man that thou visitest him" Can we, dare to be skeptical even more so today, given the far reaching probes into the unreachable extents of the galaxies, and say in answer to such spectacular glory and manifest intelligence "O well a lucky accident for us!" It could be demonstrated for pages the wonderful precision and synchronisation of the earth in its galaxy with its resulting life sustaining powers operating upon the earth within minuscule degrees of Total Disaster if things changed! How true are the words of the psalmist.. "Oh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness and for His wonderful works to the children of men" [Psalm 107:15.]

fourthlyThe Human race has become a totally physical orientated being from the beginning of time just as we read in God's Word in connection with the first judgement of the Human race, "The Lord said my spirit shall not always strive with man for that he also is....
become flesh ................... [Genesis 6:3.]

What a sad state of Affairs, the whole human race degenerated into life orientation around the Physical because "he" - the very inward personality and being of man had "become Flesh". The Bible Declares......

god is a spirit[John 4:24]

Adam, before he degenerated into a weak physical orientated man, subject to death because of sin and broken fellowship with God, lived in a Powerful and endless God Created realm of spirit, soul and body with the spirit dimension being the dynamic of his World and existence, and that's why Jesus said "Except a man be born again he cannot see The Kingdom of God" [John 3:3.]

In other words, unless you are re-created or "Born again" man is lost in bondage to sin and death because he is..
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And Jesus said, "I Am The Resurrection and The Life" And also "I am The Way, The truth and The Life, no man cometh unto The Father but by me" [John 11:25.14:6.] Man, "Through fear of death is all his lifetime subject to bondage", [Hebrews 2:15] Scrabbling to grasp Life through the physical realm of possessions, money etc. only to leave all behind and enter into eternity lost and uncertain all because he lived only in the realm of the soul subject to his dying body with a dead spirit.

Dear Friend, Please consider these few simple realities about your whole being, spirit soul and body, and come to Jesus Christ for the resurrection of your spirit and new birth, salvation from sin and death, and the Gift of.....
eternal life  

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Jesus Loves You. 

God Bless.