Home Poem: "Unfailing Springs" by John G. Ridley

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Written by John G. Ridley   
John 4:14.
"But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life".


The following is a beautiful poem of the preciousness of Christ by John G. Ridley the beloved Australian Evangelist.

On my account and countless multitudes of others, there is much thankfulness to the Lord for such a blessed vessel of the grace of Christ in the preaching of this glorious gospel of salvation.

John Ridley is the evangelist that through his preaching on the theme of "Eternity" set the heart of Arthur Stace aflame with the vision to write the word "Eternity" upon as many street pavements that he could, to reach people where they walked with the message to 'prepare for Eternity'. And so he became the mysterious unknown identity of "Mr Eternity" to the populous of the city of Sydney and all who encountered this arresting reality in beautiful copperplate writing. In the celebrations of the year 2000 in Sydney the word "ETERNITY" was lit up in bright lights above the Sydney harbour bridge for all the city to see and remember this beautiful word that characterised the streets of Sydney. The all important message from Arthur Stace and John G. Ridley ...... "ETERNITY - WHERE"? 


                                                               "Unfailing Springs" 


John G. Ridley


“All my springs are in thee” Ps 87:7


"All my springs, O blessed Saviour!

 All my springs are deep in Thee,

Therefore what is here denied me

Cannot mar Eternity.

Springs of heavenly joy and gladness,

Springs of pure sovereign grace,

Springs of comfort 'mid the conflict,

All my springs in Thee I trace.


Art thou not the Rock of Ages

Round which all my hopes entwine?

Art Thou not Redemption's River

Flowing through the sands of time?

Art Thou not the Branch of Blessing

Who alone doth shade impart?

Art thou not the Balm of Gilead,

Balsam for the broken heart?


Springs of hope in midnight darkness,

Springs that sparkle crystal clear,

Springs that oft revive my spirit

As I seek to serve Thee here.

Summer suns may scorch the landscape,

Drought may drink the rivers dry,

Human love may leave me barren

Yet Thy Springs my needs supply.


Springs of peace'mid worldly warfare,

Springs of joy from sorrow's sea,

Springs of hope in midnight darkness,

Springs of life from Calvary's Tree.

Springs of light and love, O Saviour,

Springs abounding, fresh and free,

Springs that satisfy my longings

All my Springs are found in Thee!"

Living springs of his great Love.