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High Again,

The Answers to "Lighthouse" questions are:-

** The Man standing on the bow of the boat, if you look carefully you will see that he has a telescope in his hands and  is carefully looking at the position of the Lighthouse.

** The difference of the condition of the sea in the harbour and the ocean is that it is very calm in the harbour, which means that as we look to The Lord we will know His peace and "calm" in our hearts though the outside world can be very troubled as is shown in the picture, it can be noticed that the waves are bigger in the outside ocean but in the harbour they are small and almost nothing, not that a Christian's troubles, that he can sometimes go through are small, sometimes they can be very great trials but he can know a great Peace in the most severe trial.

** It is most important for the captain of a ship to observe very closely the lighthouse because the lighthouse never moves and can be relied upon in a storm when it is hard to get your bearings in the wildness of the difficulties, so always be "looking unto Jesus" whether in calm or storm because "Hidden reefs" are always a danger.

You cannot tell how dangerous the voyage ahead may be, but we know that we have a "Good Lighthouse Caretaker" that never fails to have the very bright signal Light shining strongly to show the way.

Good effort with the Questions.How did you do?

God Bless.