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Resurrection, Summary:
(1) The resurrection of the dead was believed by the patriarchs Gen 22:5; Heb 11:19; Job 19:25-27 and revealed through the prophets Isa 26:19; Dan 12:2, 13; Hos 13:14 and miracles of the dead restored to life are recorded in the O.T. 2Ki 4:32-35; 2Ki 13:21
(2) Jesus Christ restored life to the dead Mat 9:25; Luke 7:12-15; John 11:43, 44 and predicted His own resurrection John 10:18; Luke 24:1-8
(3) A resurrection of bodies followed the resurrection of Christ Mat 27:52, 53 and the apostles raised the dead Acts 9:36-41; Acts 20:9, 10
(4) Two resurrections are yet future, which are inclusive of "all that are in the graves" John 5:28 These are distinguished as "of life" 1Co 15:22, 23; 1Th 4:14-17; Rev 20:4 and "of judgment" John 5:28, 29; Rev 20:11-13 They are separated by a period of one thousand years Rev 20:5 The "first resurrection," that "unto life," will occur at the second coming of Christ 1Co 15:23 the saints of the O.T. and church ages meeting Him in the air 1Th 4:16, 17 while the martyrs of the tribulation, who also have part in the resurrection Rev 20:4 are raised at the end of the great tribulation.
(5) The mortal body will be related to the resurrection body as grain sown is related to the harvest 1Co 15:37, 38 that body will be incorruptible, glorious, powerful, and spiritual 1Co 15:42-44, 49
(6) The bodies of living believers will, at the same time, be instantaneously changed 1Co 15:50-53; Php 3:20, 21 This "change" of the living, and resurrection of the dead in Christ, is called the "redemption of the body" Rom 8:23; Eph 1:13, 14
(7) After the thousand years the "resurrection unto judgment" John 5:29 occurs. The resurrection-body of the wicked dead is not described. They are judged according to their works, and cast into the lake of fire. Rev 20:7-15.

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