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Written by Shaun Beswarick   


                 * How Much Aperture? *

|| Wow! ||

The first thing that happens when you buy a new telescope and use it for the first time is undoubtedly say "Wow!" to the sights that, before you bought the new scope, were hidden from view!

|| The Quest for More Aperture. ||

As many amateur astronomers will tell you, the second thing that happens is you say to yourself, I have to get a bigger one!  Setting aside for a moment the in-dwelling lack of thankfulness for what we have and always wanting to chase more and more instead of just being satisfied with Christ Himself, let us consider another reason why astronomer's want a bigger scope: the answer is, aperture!   The aperture of a telescope is the opening at the top which lets in the light from whatever star, planet or galaxy you are looking at. The larger the aperture,  the more light that is received; and the more light that is received,  the more detail that can be seen of the object in view.

|| Aperture Increase of Our Heart. ||

How the Lord wants to increase the aperture of our hearts! The more of His light we receive, the more detail we see of Him - and just how much detail dwells in the One Who inhabits eternity (Isaiah 57:15)? There is no measure! But our hearts need to be enlarged somehow and we cannot accomplish any such thing on our own.

|| Means of Increased Aperture. ||

Well, The Lord has a wonderful means of increasing the aperture of our heart: "thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress" (Psalm 4:1) - and as we are fully aware, there is much distress about all of us to get the job done! You see, distress causes us to look heaven-ward and the grace of God answers our cry and then our heart sees Him a little more, trusts Him a little more and we become like Him a little more! 

|| Fix our Gaze upon Him. || 

So let us point the telescope of our heart toward the Lord Jesus; to want to see His glory in more and more detail and when our distresses come, fix our gaze on Him - the grace will come and the aperture of our hearts will widen; then this lowly frame of ours will display more of the heavenly!

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God Bless.