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Written by Shaun Beswarick.   

God's Orrery:

Ah, my Orrery! (See photo) It took months to complete and was quite costly; but after it was completed, it was a marvel to watch the planets revolve around the brass sun with surprising precision and a certain beauty.

Orrery is not a term known to most people; but it is a working model of our Solar System and can be used to mark time and locate planet's positions, for real, in the night sky. My model contains many intricate parts and all must be present entirely for it to work properly and look right. It also needs energy, electricity, of course to provide the power to make it go - it can't move "itself"; not any more than it could have assembled itself, let alone each part be made in the first place.

So when I look at Jupiter, Saturn or the myriads of stars that greet us on cloudless nights, I can be assured of one thing: these did not make themselves; nor assemble themselves; and no, they don't power themselves!

"...upholding all things by the word of his power" - and what a power! A power that is not separated from love and mercy! A power that not only made, in an instant, mighty objects in the heavens, so large that we cannot comprehend them, but also made the tender wings of a butterfly and the beautiful petals of a flower.

This is our God, the "true God and eternal life": and this God walked the hill to calvary for our salvation.

So when I gaze at my little solar system model, I can remember the Mighty Power that keeps the real one moving with precision, exactly the way He wants it to, until the time that He wraps up this old creation and ushers in the kingdom of His dear Son - come Lord Jesus!

"The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handywork" - Psalm 19:1.

Click Here: Video Clip - "The Heavens shall declare."

The Coming New heavens and the new Earth are in his hands; how about you?