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Written by Shaun Beswarick   

Weather the Storm

(when the storm is out of this world)!

It doesn't just rain on earth you know! Millions of kilometres from us, Saturn's largest moon, Titan, receives torrential downpours; only, the rain that falls is not water, but rather, Methane! Due to the fact that Titan has no oxygen, the methane is stable on this distant world and exists as lakes, just like water does on earth.

Were oxygen to suddenly appear on Titan, the methane would become unstable and explode all over the moon's surface! How fortunate it only rains water on earth!

Wind is also a problem on other worlds; sure, we have hurricanes and tornadoes on earth that cause massive amounts of damage. The strongest wind recorded on earth was 408km/h, but try taking wind speed on Neptune; this huge planet has windspeeds that are almost super-sonic! Were a wind of this magnitude to happen on earth, there would be nothing left!

The Great Red Spot on Jupiter, which is many times the size of the whole earth, is a contiual storm, which is the most poweful in the solar system. One possible reason why this storm contiues to rage on and on is that Jupiter is made, mostly, of gas. On earth, hurricanes die out when they are over land; on Jupiter, there is nothing to stop its violent storms. Imagine a hurricane with 430km/h winds on earth that never stopped! Life would be most difficult; certainly not enjoyable!

So here we are, living in paradise compared to the conditions out in space! Our storms die out. Our rain is water. Our winds aren't blowing at the speed of sound, but why?

"For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else" Isaiah 45:18

Here is the answer! How the devil would love to throw us at the mercy of a violent storm that would tear us apart! Or bring methane rain to cause explosions all over the planet, just to make us miserable. NO! God, our Lord Jesus Christ, has formed this world for us and to be inhabited by us! He is in control and provided all for us to live and to live well. All He asks is for us to give Him the glory! He did not allow conditions for that little boat into which His disciples entered with Him, to cause them to perish nor be destroyed. He was with them and that, dear bretheren, is enough! Weather the storm, you will not be destroyed!

This Shepherd leads through every storm to "great calm".