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Written by Shaun Beswarick.   

>> MARS - The Eccentric Planet. <<

Other planets in the solar system have fairly consistent orbits. They follow a relatively circular motion around the sun and for the astronomer, these objects come into handy opposition" each year. Opposition is when the planet is at it's smallest distance from the Sun and therefore astronomers get their best view of the planet at this time.

Mars is different! The "red planet" only comes into opposition every two years and to make it worse, when it does, it isn't always a "close" opposition. It varies by millions of kilometers!

To have any good "fellowship" with Mars, astronomers have no choice but to wait until it gets near (which, incidentally, is in July 2018!). The reason for this is that it has an eccentric orbit - that is, it comes near the earth and then leaves and moves farther and farther away before coming near yet again.

Brothers and Sisters, this is us! How we can be very eccentric in our fellowship with the Lord: near some days and then, as if we have forgotten Him, we move off, out into space somewhere and the Lord waits for us to seek Him once more as Solomon did with the Shulamite woman in Song of Solomon.

"But it is good for me to draw near to God" Psalm 73:28. It is not just a "good" thing to do; it is not just a "good" way to spend our time; no, it does us good! It is good for our heart, our spirit, our marriage, our children - all things! How much better is Mars at good opposition to the Earth through a telescope than when it is far away! How much more we can see! How much clearer - better in every way! So it is, and greater when we draw near the God of heaven and earth; yes, then as Moses, our face will shine with His glory! Hallelujah!