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Written by Shaun Beswarick.   

>>> Big Planet, No Place To Stand. <<<

One of my favourite telescopic objects to view is the planet, Jupiter. This massive world is ten times the diameter of the earth and hundreds of times the volume! Together with it's moons (four are visible with a back - yard scope), Jupiter is a fascinating sight; almost like a mini solar system, with the moons orbiting this giant planet in a symphony written by The God of Creation.

Jupiter is composed mostly (or possibly entirely, no-one knows for sure) of gas, giving it a beautiful colouring and making for some rather extreme weather!

Because it is composed of gas, you wouldn't be able to stand on Jupiter; you would just keep sinking down, down, down! You would also swirl around at phenomenal speeds and be ripped apart (aside from the fact that you wouldn't be able to breathe) very quickly! There is no sure footing on Jupiter; no - where to land and no - where to take a quiet time out.

Spiritually speaking, our own world is a bit like that. For a Christian, it soon becomes apparent that we can't find anything solid here. This world system is not made of rock, but gas! We cannot stand firmly or safely here and God would not have us to. Remember the children of Israel walking through the wilderness of Sin (which, in Hebrew, means "clay")? A clay ground provides no good condition for planting a garden to sustain your family and set up home! No, God lead them that way so they would look up to Heaven for provision; for their very lives! And provide for them He did! Peter learned the same lesson when the Lord bid him, "Come", on the water in the storm! So long as he looked away unto Jesus, he was able to walk on water - something physically impossible apart from The Lord's enabling! But sinking is inevitable when the eyes look elsewhere; nowhere else can we find a sure foundation in spite of circumstance or surroundings; only in Jesus.

So, Jupiter is a BIG reminder of how unstable something can be; no matter how beautiful or ordered it may seem - you will sink!

"...neither is there any rock like our God" 1 Samuel 2:2.

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God Bless. Shaun.