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 On one occasion when Christ was teaching the people and when some of which (as the scripture says) "went back and walked no more with Him", Jesus said to His disciples "will ye also go away" and Peter answered with these wonderful and powerful words of Truth,

    "Lord to whom shall we go, You have the words of Eternal Life" [John 6:68.]

 Make a search in any religion, any book in any and every library across the length and breadth of the world and you will not find anyone else other than Jesus Christ who has promised The Gift of Eternal Life to all who come to Him! [John 10:28. 17:2-3. Revelation 1:18.]

 "I came to Give Life and Life More Abundantly" [John 10:10.]

 That put "Abundant Life" into agricultural seed, causing it, after suffering the process of rotting in the ground, to Rise up in Newness and ABUNDANT LIFE came from Heaven revealed in human form, took our death for sin but Rose again Triumphant over The Grave and is "Alive for Evermore" [Revelation 1:18.] to give this Free Eternal and Abundant Life to ALL who come to Him.


Jesus is reaching for you.

The Lord Bless this Truth to your Heart.