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T. Austin Sparks - Messages.

>> Further encouragment in video song clip <<

"The Friend of a Wounded Heart" (Wayne Watson)

"The End of the Beginning." (David Phelps)

The Heavens shall declare.

"God on the Mountain." (Gaither singers)

"I'll lead you home." (Michael W. Smith)

"My redeemer Lives". (Crystal Lewis)

"4 Days late". (Gaither singers)

"Love song for number two." (Mickey and Becki Moore)

"Covenant Woman/More than Conquers." (Janny Grein)

"This Kingdom" (David Evans)

"Gone" (Jessy Dickson)

"Jesus Saves" (Gaither Singers")

"There is a Peace" (Barry McGuire)

"I will Sing unto The Lord".

Days of Elijah. (Judy Jacobs)

All around the World. (Lifetree kids.)

He'll do it again. (Shirley Ceaser.)

Praise the Lord. (Russ Taff.)

When you call on Him. (Carroll Roberson.)

It's going to be a good day! (Carroll Roberson.)

>> Christmas Joy in picture and song. <<

"Christmas Eve" - Blackmore's Night -

"Feliz Navid" - Bony M.

Check out a bit later for more!

God is for me! (Life tree kids.)

The Bible -Daniel Amos (Excellent Stero!) Turn it up and Rejoice!

Lord You've been good To me.

"One Day" - 3000 Palestinians & Jews join together in a beautiful and powerful demonstration of the more excellent spirit among humanity of "Peace and Goodwill" which is followed by a great joy that is obviously based upon a thousand reasons!