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How wonderful is the story, message, glory and hope of this Christmas time!

In a tormented peaceless world, what a thrill to be able to declare as Barry McGuire sings - "There is a peace" The Bible declares Jesus to be "The Prince of Peace"

Isaiah 9:6 (KJV)
"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."

Such a Prince has visited this World of enmity and the strife of human nature at war! Religious war; as if God cannot defend himself and flying high madness reasoning, that if you bludgen enough people to death there will be peace! Domestic war without love for wife, husband, children, mum and dad! Industrial war on the Job, and of course the ever growing rudeness and dubious integrity war of national politics!

Against this backdrop, how wonderful to have peace with God, (through Jesus Christ) and also (if we walk with the Lord in the light of his Word) to have 'the peace of God" in our hearts. [Philippians 4:7.]

Yes! A wonderful peace. If you look at the verse above, you will notice the first name given (to this Child born at Christmas and Son given at the cross of Calvary) is - "WONDERFUL" and the last name given to this grave conquering, Life giving Saviour is - "Prince of peace". Praise the Lord for such a Peace and rest to have whilst living in such a world as it is today, torn apart (as the bible predicts) with violence.

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Barry McGuire, (the singer of the above song), in 1965 (prior to becoming a Christian) became an overnight sensation with the song - "Eve of destruction". He had no peace. His life, a mess with drugs, his friends tragically dying through drug overdose. Out of such despair Barry called out to the Lord to reveal himself to him if he was real, and the Lord did! Barry became an answer to many with the love of Christ that turns lives from the destruction of misery and death to peace and Life!

Click on this button to go to his 1965 song - "Eve of destruction".

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ today as your saviour from sin, death and destruction if you don't know the Lord: Upon that simple glad believing on him for salvation you receive the gift of Eternal Life and will know the thrill of a great Peace as you walk the peaceless mine fields of this World on your road to Eternal Glory.

Luke 2:14 (KJV)

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."

The Lord bless you this Christmas with a great Peace knowing his wonderful good will in your days ahead as his servant.

Happy Christmas from Anne and myself and also all those who share in some way in this ministry.

God Bless.

Friend of a wounded heart. [Wayne Watson]

We may not know much about the thrill of surfing the "tube" of a perfect wave but surfing the "tube of life" in the turbulent seas of today's world can be a hazardous experience to avoid being dumped and drowned in the swirling perilous waters of violence, narcissism and hurtful mockery.

In the dumping experiences on today's wild sea of life there exists a thrilling and Perfect wave "tube" that Christ has provided that has no surprising "dump of death" but rather an experience of great peace now and the exhilarating emergence at the end of His "tube" into Everlasting Life.

You may have (and what person hasn't) had some rough experiences in your 'tube of life' that has rolled in upon you and is hurtling you towards Eternity. And you may also often find yourself asking the Big Question ..... "What is Life all about? Really, what is the reality of it all?

The following (taken from a website promotion brochure) is a brief description of this website contents, which contains some of the many sided answers to life's Big Questions which are wonderfully provided by the great love of God and found in the Bible.

The site is arrayed in a 'static' and not a 'blog' format so that most of the site contents are in plain view, sectioned into menus.

There is no claim to fame or web site dazzle. The presentation is bright and enthusiastic about faith, hope and the love of God in Christ.
There are approximately 500 illustrated articles covering many topics of the Christian life, along with much for those who are seeking answers, those who are broken and troubled, those who are are anxious about life and death. Irrefutable realities for the atheist, skeptic, and agnostic; an answer to Richard Dawkins book "The God Delusion" called "The God delusion ...Delusion"
Links are provided to other websites of interest such as the astounding evidences of "intelligent design" in creation found at "Creation Research.net" website.
One very special menu is that of "Pilgrim's Progress" which has been broken up into 30 segments for ease of reading. These articles practically fill the "Most Popular" list. The journey of Pilgrim from the "City of destruction" to the "Celestial city" is nothing short of thrilling. Years ago when the world was more sensible about spiritual things Pilgrim's Progress was part of the school curriculum because of the sheer beautiful principles to build any nation upon. The good and unsavoury characters met along Pilgrim's way illustrate great lessons for humanity: Such characters as - Obstinate, Pliable, Evangelist, Mr. Worldly Wiseman, Good-will, Formalist and Hypocrisy, Faithful, Mr. Talkative, Lord Hate-good, Hopeful, and Giant despair. There are many others with much to guard one's life against to avoid serious pitfalls. The Pilgrim's Progress series is stacked with original wonderfully descriptive sketches providing extra enjoyment in following the journey.
The various "Menus" provide at a glance the site content in those articles listed under that menu heading; for example - "Tasty Menu for lost Sheep" is for those who don't know the way through life and death to eternity. 'Promise for You" is for those who are looking for any of the countless promises in the Word of God. The Menu "Emergency 000 Help when" is a list of noted encouragements and promise verses provided in the "Gideons Bible" found in Hospitals, Motels, Prisons, Schools and many other places. There is much more. Investigate the site and be lifted up! God bless.

"There is lifting up" [Job 22:29.]

Hymn by:

James Rowe. 1866 - 1933.

Love Lifted Me.

1. I was sinking deep in sin,
Far from the peaceful shore,
Very deeply stained within,
Sinking to rise no more;
But the Master of the sea
Heard my despairing cry,
From the waters lifted me,
Now safe am I.

Love lifted me!
Love lifted me!
When nothing else could help,
Love lifted me.

2. All my heart to Him I give,
Ever to Him I’ll cling,
In His blessed presence live,
Ever His praises sing.
Love so mighty and so true
Merits my soul’s best songs;
Faithful, loving service, too,
To Him belongs.

Love lifted me!
Love lifted me!
When nothing else could help,
Love lifted me.

"Love lifted me." (Gaither singers)

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[Job 35:10.]

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