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Written by Grant Hayman   


>> Appendage Note: Recently added an alternative title to the tract - "Greatest Thing Ever Heard".

Personally using this preferred tract title because not everyone has a good evaluation of the term "Christian" but could be more attracted to check out the claim of learning about the "greatest thing ever heard", which is the wonderful eternal truth of the Gospel of Christ! Praise the Lord!

On an occasion recently the original titled tract was passed on to a lady in hospital who is a Christian, and as she viewed the title she remarked with a joyful tone of voice, - "yes, it is great to be a Christian"! A reminder to me that the original title still holds precious and useful value.

There is an option to print off the article with the alternative title "greatest Thing Ever Heard" which could be preferred for clarity. the original titled article of "It's great to be a Christian is also still listed.

To go to the article "Greatest Thing Ever Heard" click play  

The Following is a tract in brochure form.

Feel free to copy from website and distribute in your gospel outreach.

The contents cover the exciting and only answer to all religion huff puff that has no answer to the frightening one reality that is found in no other religion but the Gospel (Thrilling surpassing good news) of Christ!

This ONE REALITY IS - Where to find one pure enough to stand in for the human race, on its side to assuage it's blame of deplorable culpable sin against Heaven by bearing the JUST JUDGMENT prescribed by God which is ..... DEATH?

Doesn't this world in the expanse of great nations still exist because of JUSTICE served out upon the mad extents of man's horrendous behaviour not only against Heaven but also against his neighbour? Why, would any of us be alive today if JUSTICE disappeared from the human race?

God's righteousness demands JUSTICE! And Jesus Christ the man from Heaven with the power and love of God for a world of sin and sinners has taken the massive blow and not only died for our sins but gloriously conquered man's GRAVE and RISEN again to give an answer to his faith of RESURRECTION and ETERNAL LIFE!

This Glorious Gospel is also found on the website as an article, currently on the home page and later can be found through the search engine if not listed in side menus.

Possible future efforts may be made to post the other tract format which is 1/4 A4 pocket size.

The current format can be a bit of a fiddle to reproduce but by "save image as" to down loads and using your picture manager program to resize if needed for print parameters, it can work quite well. The "Print" function at the right hand corner of the tract page may not work so use the "Save the Image as".

One image is the inside of the brochure and the other is the outside.

The Lord Bless the propagation of this glorious Gospel.

Appendage Note: Adjustments made to posting sizes that may make a slight difference to clarity of print. Apologies also for spelling mistake and change made of ... "bare" to "bear" under heading of "Believe on Jesus to be eternally saved".

God Bless.


Picture from freepik.com