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                            Paul wrote these words from Prison, in which there

             can be many needs of "supply" but being in The

              Purpose of God, there is One Supreme supply

               need and that was Pauls Cry....


                          [Philippians 1:19.] 


How much there is today that could be claimed to be "christian" and yet can lack Spiritual power, How easily we can adopt "spiritual" trends of devotion, service and practice and yet be empty of spiritual vitality, dragging our feet, throwing in a little bit of prayer here, a little bit of Bible reading there, and yet all the time overwhelmed with problems and pressures to "get ahead" in a "Material world" - Like the song "I'm a material girl." 

Isn't this the picture with the Laodicean church "thou sayest I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing but knowest not that thou art wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked, I counsel thee to buy of me (says Jesus) Gold tried in the fire that thou mayest be rich....." [Revelation 17-18.]

There is a GREAT need for us Christians in these days to be "Tried in the fire" - If we are not pompous, bitter, opposing or critical in our so called "spirituality" we are discouraged and live in spiritual defeat and all the while fighting to keep our head above water and to be heard saying "Praise the Lord". INDEED The Lord, I am convinced has only ONE spiritual process for the Church in our days and that is the much dreaded process of FIRE! There  are some brethren that make much of "The Fire of God" and how we can "Catch The Fire" But the truth is that if God granted us "the fire" in our ignorant and "puffed up" spiritual presumption we would be burned to a Crisp!

Many Christians are in a Prison and are simply pretending that they are not and that all is well because they are offering a substantial effort in the spiritual realm and yet what a sad lack there is today of "The supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ" and the resultant real spiritual liberty, Glorying in the Lord and contagious joy of his love and Greatness.

In the Prisons of today, of sin, materialism, Money and worldly Glory The Lord give us grace to cry out to the Lord as Paul did in his literal prison for...


                                   And in the thrill of His Life and purpose be quickened forward as Paul goes on to say in the same text... "That Christ might be magnified in my body whether it be by Life or by Death, for to me to LIVE is CHRIST and to DIE is GAIN" [Philippians 1:19-21.]

How moving would the reality be (that Paul is speaking about) to the believers  at Philippi who greatly rejoiced that The gospel so wonderfully came to their city with the Dynamite event of...

                                Which Flooded the Jail (as illustrated in the Picture above) where Paul and Silas were being held prisoners, and with bleeding backs and "singing Praises to God at midnight" [Acts 16:12 - 40.] the jail shook by The Power of God, the Philippian jailer shook and cried out "What must I do to be Saved" and so the first Church in Europe began at Philippi by a Mighty demonstration of the supply of The Resurrection Life of Jesus Christ manifest in Paul and Silas in THE SPIRIT, and this Church began in the house of a woman by the name of Lydia, which is another story of the greatness of the blessing that can be channelled through us by "The supply of The Spirit of Jesus Christ" 

You may feel at times that you need the supply of "this" and "that" to be able to "Go Forward" in The Work of God, - Don't believe it, it is in a "prison" situation of "no go" that The Lord deems to work His Glory so there is no mistake as to all being His praise, and thus is fulfilled the saying..  "For out of Prison he cometh to reign" Ecclesiastes 4:14.]

The Lord has declared to us ....  "Not by might nor by Power but by My Spirit saith the Lord" [Zechariah 4:6.] and how real must be our desire to "cease from our own works" which are, as the Word says, "wood hay and stuble" to be burned up on that day of... "Every man's work... will be tried of what sort it is..." [1Corinthians 3:13.]

How readily the believers at Philippi would have responded to Paul's request with.."Yes brother we have no hesitation to rejoice with you in this truth and need for prayer because we are living proof of The Grace and Power of God to so bless"!

Surely brother and sister this is the height of spiritual maturity for which we can long after and ask and rejoice in as The Lord by His Grace takes us forward in his unmatched Lovingkindness.

The Lord bless you with the thrill of knowing Him more  because...

He Loves You.

God Bless.