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Earlier in chapter 4 and  verse 6, Hosea relates The Word of The Lord...  "My People are destroyed for lack of Knowledge" and then in chapter 6 Hosea makes the heart warming invitation... "Come and let us return unto The Lord" [Hosea 6:1.] and then also says as in the text above... "...follow on to Know The Lord". So the encouragement for us all is ..... "Come" - How lovingly Jesus again and again flung the door wide open and said "Come".

 "Him that cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out" [John 6:37.]

"Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest...take my yoke....and you shall find rest unto your souls" [Matthew 11:28-30.]

Jesus at the grave side of Lazarus called out "Lazarus Come Forth" and he was raised from the dead! [John 11:43.] Praise the Lord when  we come to Jesus we are raised from the dead but then there is another great and glorious call and that is to..... "Know" and that means to know many things - To Know His will; know His Blessing; Know Him using you, and Know Him Leading the Way; Know The Deep things of God; and so the list of precious knowledge could be enumerated but then Hosea opens up yet another final door through which we must enter to utilise this deep sweet well of "knowledge" and that is to.....


One of the most amazing statements that Jesus has made is...  "I am The Way The Truth and The Life" [John14:6.] and it is important to point out that this statement came upon the needy question from Thomas who has been dubbed as "Doubting Thomas" and his question was  "How can we know The way" [John 14:5.]

Christ is THE WAY everything has come into being; Christ is THE TRUTH with which Nothing can contradict, as the apostle Paul said..  "For we can do nothing against The Truth but for The Truth" [2 Corinthians 13:8.] and Christ is THE LIFE by whom everything exists and consists [Colossians 1:16-18.] and eventually anything not sourced in His Life will NOT EXIST!

To dear brother doubting Thomas (And we can include ourselves much here!) this was a most wonderful answer; Jesus was saying - Thomas, you get to know me and you will be on a SUPER HIGHWAY that will have no Question about which Way your going and Truth will become abundantly clear and dissolve all fragile imaginations, and the LIFE that I AM will be your Power to enjoy ALL I have for you.

The more we know Christ the more we are catapulted into Truth that sets us Free from all the errors of sin and self, and urges us from the depths of our hearts to live in, but not to be controlled by the Vanities of this World's Junket. - It IS ALL JUNKET! Riches, Posessions, The glory and Glamour of Worldly Honour even as Jesus said  "...That which is Highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God" [Luke 16:15.] and if we happen to be in possession of this world's goods, and know it is all junket then how acute will be our desire to have Heaven's touch upon it all.

Rejoice dear brother and Sister that we know Him, whom to Know is Life Eternal! [John17:1-3.] What a love is this that The Lord of Heaven and Earth came down to this lowly sin stained clod to suffer our rejection and Judgement, Rise again and become the Shepherd, (though of great renown and Glory) of foolish sheep; Truley we are loved with a love that cannot be surpassed; no wonder David said..  "Bless The Lord O my soul and forget not ALL His benefits" [Psalm 103:1.]

Shall we ponder this wonderful promise together again... "Then Shall we Know if we follow on to know The Lord" [Hosea 6:3.]

Jesus Loves You

 The Lord encourage that He is your completeness from which nothing can undo because Christ is as this scripture says..  "The HEAD of ALL principality and Power" [Colossians 2:10.] God Bless.