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Time to Wake Up Australia!

Vote Against The Deception

Of Pending Tyranny!

Click on the links below to have your eyes opened to what you could be voting for if you vote for a Liberal/Labour/Greens Government.




Who  are the darst-deadly people behind the "Big Global RESET"?

Who was it that has caught the attention of the world with the rude statement that - "You will own nothing but be happy"? Thats right - It was Klaus Schwab, the guiding influence of

the "World Economic Forum."

Klaus Schwab has also clearly described the "normal" that is coming! The "New Normal" in collaboration with the United Nations, The World Economic forum, The World Health Organisation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and many other associated commercial companies, will be a different "normal."

It will not be so much things being changed, but "the change will be you."!


Your thinking will have to be changed, because it will be decided for you, what your attitude will be, and what you are allowed to publicly say or not to say!

There will be no political power to vote in or out. You will have no choices to make, they will all be made for you! You will only be able to live in a vacuum of governmental Power, not governmental service! The Government will be a dictatorship!

* Make No Mistake. *

Every living person in China is under surveillance.

The dictionary meaning of surveillance -
"Close observation of a person or group (usually by the police)"

China's "Belt and Road" worldwide initiative is a proliferation of  the idealogy of a "BELT" of control over a national human populous! The "Belt" chafes!

Don't fall into a trance that "everything will be ok", and you will be happy whatever government is in power. Any government that rules without the people's power to vote them in or out, has free rein for oppressive power over the mass, and exceptional benefit to the elite few!

Oh yes, what a "reset" of great change! You will be changed, and this new you, will be of great benefit to us! This is much like Paul's instruction to the Christian Church, concerning unscrupulous men who wanted gains and power in Christian ministry -  

"They zealously affect you, but not well; yea, they would exclude you, that ye might affect them" [Galatians 4:17.]

Klaus Schwab and the WEF have an office in Beijing, Comunist China. Offices also in New York, Mumbai India, San Francisco and Toko Japan. The headquaters are in Cologny, Switzerland.

* In Australia. *

To God be the Glory, there are men, that are awake, and there are some nations that will "not forget God" [Psalm 9:15-18.]

At the search address on the web for The United Australia party is the heading - UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY - FREEDOM FOREVER.

The vital glaring reality of a coming oppressive governmental power grab of the country of Australia, has been the oppressive lockdown and brutal restrictions, placed upon the citizens of this country during the Covid 19 mayhem.

Click on link for info on the control of your country being given away to the World Health Organisation!


For the sake of the Gospel of Christ and the great Love of God and need of the salvation of sinners, Peter encourages every Christian to "account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation ..." [2 Peter 3:15.]

Christians can indeed be at rest and peace, rejoicing in the fact that, the Lord laughs at the vain puny efforts of the restless power players, to oust God from their world of pending divine arrest.

"He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh: The Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall He speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure." [Psalm 2:4-5.]

"But Thou, O LORD, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision" [Psalm 59:8.]

God Bless the Governance of Australia.