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The United Nations wages war on the truth


By Stephen Andrew, One Nation MP for Mirani, QLD


The United Nations has called for a worldwide crackdown on “conspiracy theorists”. They are even telling people to police friends, family and fellow citizens for signs of ‘thought crimes’, and take action!


As one Canadian politician said, "the UN has put out a framework for people to assess and ultimately undermine the legitimate questions that people everywhere are asking about their governments by smearing such questions as 'conspiracy theories'.


The goal is to get people to stop questioning their governments or holding them to account. It’s "textbook gaslighting".


My question for the UN is, If there’s no conspiracy, why are governments worldwide implementing all the same policies, passing all the same laws and mouthing all the same talking points?


“Build Back Better” anyone?


The real reason the UN is ‘gaslighting’ you is because they, and the whole globalist cabal, are running scared.


None of them ever expected to see such a tidal wave of protests sweeping the world or for ordinary people to start waking up and demanding what the hell is going on!


It's not a ‘conspiracy theory’ when someone tells you over and over again, they are planning to “transform”, “transition” and “reset” the whole world and the lives of everyone in it or that we should we need to prepare ourselves for a dystopian “new normal” future where we are watched 24/7 and ‘own nothing.’


I won’t even mention the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and the man-machine hybrid rubbish WEF and Klaus Schwab keep rabbiting on about.


Here’s an idea, if there’s no ‘global government’ conspiracy, then maybe don’t go around calling yourselves things like: Agenda for the 21st Century; Coalition for a New Economy; the New Economic Order; the Global Finance Initiative; UN Global Compact; Global Digital Transformation’ UN75: 2020 and Beyond; Global Roadmap for Digital Cooperation; Global Resettlement Deployment Scheme; Global Transition Taskforce or the Global Transformation Project.


As far as I’m concerned, this new "Think Before Sharing" campaign, just proves that the real enemy the UN wants to put down, isn’t ‘misinformation’ – it’s you!


Democratic governments should be forced to answer uncomfortable questions and held to account by their people.


Questions like: Why on earth are we still living under ‘state of emergency' laws?


Until someone gives me a straight answer to that question, I reserve my right to speculate and so should you!


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