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Written by Grant Hayman   
Saturday, 15 July 2023 11:58


* TABLE 5. *

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The beautiful poem below is from a renowned Australian evangelist of the early 19th century - John G Ridley.

He was a visiting speaker (approximately 1935), at the central baptist Church in Sydney and the theme of his message that night was "ETERNITY".

At one point he passionately declared ... "If only I could go out across all of Sydney and call out to every soul the reality of ETERNITY"!

Arthur Stace (fondly known as Mr. Eternity) was in the crowd that night and the reality hit him like a thunder bolt from Heaven. He went out into the street, pulled a piece of chalk from his pocket and wrote on the footpath pavement in beautiful copperplate script the word ... ETERNITY.

Thus began this famous vivid inscription on the pavement across all the streets of the city of Sydney the urgent reminder to all, that no matter what you do or who you are (in the words of a current song), "you're still gonna die", and where from there into Eternity?

Pic. Daily Telegraph.com.au

The highlight of Sydney's 2000th year celebration, was the gigantic word ETERNITY in a stunning display of bright lights, shining out from the harbour bridge across the whole city. A reminder of this little man with a large heart of love for Jesus, and the people of Sydney, humbly leaving underneath the feet of everyone that walked the streets of their temporal city, a message to prepare for Eternity and the Eternal City of God.

Ponder the Glory of Christ in the following poem written by John G Ridley.

The same man responsible for the inspired vision of Arthur Stace, to chalk in white the soul arresting word of 'ETERNITY' thousands of times on the footpaths of this Great city of Australia.


"Christ is All"

[Colossians 3:11].


"Christ is all," O friend Of mine!

Take this promise, make it thine;

Hold it to thy trembling breast,

Find in it thy constant rest;

Then, when flesh and blood shall fall,

Prove it still that "Christ is all."


"Christ is all," my comrade dear!

Claim it as a shield from fear.

When the props of earth give way;

When the friends of life betray,

Still unmoved by loss or thrall,

Thou shalt answer—"Christ is all!"


"Christ is all," O precious word!

None more precious ever heard.

ALL to cure the curse of sin,

ALL to still the storm within,

ALL of faith, and hope, and love,

ALL to gain thee Heaven above.


"Christ is all," lay this to heart!

"Christ is all," thy better part!

As the tests of time unroll,

May this guard thy precious soul,

Till within the jasper wall

Thou art singing "Christ is all!"




* TABLE 5. *
















The Aboriginal 'Voice' to the Australian Parliament.

Warning:- To all indiginous and non indiginous Australians.

What we all do, will be the hinge upon which, either, the door of hope, or the door of doom will open for ALL Australians.

There are 'flying high' vultures waiting to swoop upon the blessing of this free country and devour All the good for themselves.

Observe very carefully in the following video, of Aboriginal Elder Kerry White and her unfolding of how the collective people of Australia, have been duped by destructive and false information about Aboriginal facts.

Aboriginal Elder Kerry White.

Clarity is given about the 'Uluru statement from the heart' to be that which was orchestrated by Thomas Mayo who is sold on Communism ideologies.

The last thing the Aboriginal people and this country needs is a radical communist 'linked in' with Albanese and the deadly Leninist communism of Klaus Schwab, (the Great Reset) the World Economic Forum, United Nations and the World health organisaton.

Think about it!

The Prime Minister of this country is hand in hand with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, and Klaus Schwab's hero is Lenin.

Vladimir Lenin was one of the most repulsive despot, communist  mass murders of history.


This Prayer list table, pass on to as many folk as you can.




"We gotta break that canvas. IT'S A TROUBLEMAKER"!

Hard evidence is mounting that the Uluru Statement is a fabrication of a small contingent of a "Black Power" - "Black Lives Matter" activest group.

How alarming is the apparent growing awareness of the stark danger of the infamous divisive "Voice to Parliament".

The prime minister is pursuing a 'red herring' leading ALL Australians to the pool of  devouring sharks.

Note:- Anthony Albanese "Treaty" truth revealed inspite of claims to the contrary.

Albanese's Tee shirt Declaration:-

"Voice Treaty Truth".

Anthony Albanese wearing a Midnight Oil T-shirt with the slogan ‘Voice, Treaty, Truth’. Picture: Daily Mail

See full article - News.com.au

Reality Check.

In the following video the clear evidence of unelected deep state globalist involvement in  the Albanese heist Agenda with the 'voice'

The Hidden Agenda of the UN involvement with Anthony Albanese's 'Voice to Parliament'.

Enough 'Dots' to join in the above video to make your head spin!


THANKSGIVING for the unequivocal vote of Australia against the flawed notorious 'Voice to Parliament' agenda of the Prime Mister of Australia, Labour, the UN, the WEF and all collaborating organisations of anti-democratic globalist ideaologies.

What a wonderful clear Trumpet Sound of War by the voting Power of the people of Australia, that any shifty camouflaged  mandated influences of the UN/WEF/WHO in collaboration with political entities to subjugate the 'Freedom of Life' Voting Power of Australia Under a slight of hand, incremental Globalist Dictatorship Agenda, will Not be Accepted.

"Make no Mistake" and pray for the defeat of all "darkness" enumerated at Prayer list - Table 6.


Anthony Albanese and his favourite icon of 'the voice' to parliament is absolutely a wild card of explosive danger to the serious detriment of Australia.

The following video of real live churlish behaviour shows the graphic spirit that would cause a holocaust of disaster to be anywhere near governmental management of  Australia.

Vindictive Thomas Mayo.

What terror awaits Australia under any political marriage with Mayo's narcissistic "Black Power" expressed in his public campaigns for the 'voice to parliment'.

It beggers belief, the latent dangers that Albanese is flirting with in entertaining such a blatent fiery communism exhibted in Mayo's agenda push.

1970 Grass Roots 'Black Power'.

While travelling from Perth to the east coast in 1970/71, a stop over at Kalgoorlie provided an opportunity to meet two prominent Aboriginal Christian ministers. They were then speaking with alarm, about the emergence among some aboriginal people, the formation of a 'Black power' movement.

Black Power, White Power, is all futile! What is needed, as one group of Christian Aboriginals put it during the 'reconcilation' foray - "What we all need, is to be reconciled to God".

Play again (in the ajacent column) the informative talk by Kerry White on the deceptive developments of a destructive pending anarchy upon Australia with Albanese, Thomas Mayo, and Teela Reid's 'Voice to Parliament'.

The following of boastful Thomas Mayo in full activist flight speaking at a 'Black Lives Matter' rally in Darwin

Thomas Mayo Activist Rally.

Obviously would any discerning Australian want such a spirit displayed at the Darwin rally dictating so called fair governance for all Australians?

Now consider the contrast presented by senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price in the following documentry of reasons to vote NO to 'The Voice'.

Jacinta and a sound qualification of 'No' to 'The Voice'.

Teela Reid is a contempory of Thomas Mayo and singing the same chorus of communist threat to "tear down the system" of Australian government.

You would have to be alarmed and have grave concern at the dangers these people avow.

The resentment and spiteful tone these people present is a horror show, and in stark contrast to the inclusive tone of Jacinta in the above video.

Aboriginal Communist, Teela Reid and the outlandish determinations.

Misleading PM Towards 'Makarrata' intensions of the Voice (Sky News).

What is "Makarrata"?

"Makarrata has so many layers of meaning," says Merrikiyawuy Ganambarr-Stubbs, a Gumatj woman and principal of Arnhem Land's Yirrkala School.

"The first one, and the main one, is peace after a dispute.

"Makarrata literally means a spear penetrating, usually the thigh, of a person that has done wrong… so that they cannot hunt anymore, that they cannot walk properly, that they cannot run properly; to maim them, to settle them down, to calm them — that's Makarrata."

Look out Australia, the PM is throwing a spear that will cripple the democratic governance of Australia and bring into power, ruling and oppressive principles of communism with links to Klaus Schwab's "New World Order" and "The Great Reset", where all the people (except the "stake holders") "will own nothing and be happy".  










1). Pray for God's provision of light and understanding upon the Australian people as they vote.


Download the free eBook from Fair Australia, titled "One Together Not Two Divided".

Listed in the eBook are 10 vital reasons to Vote NO with a comment of support by Jacinta Nampijinpa Price.

One Together Not Two Divided.

2). Pray for Australia to be delivered from all the activist resentful and spiteful speeches of Thomas Mayo as he moves around various Aboriginal tribes and non indiginous peoples of the country

To some groups he can present as an angel, but at large is manifest the real hot anti attitudes.

3). Pray for Warren Mundine. He is a high profile Aboriginal and strong advocate for the welfare of the indiginous people across the country. He advocates for "One Together Not Two Divided" and repudiates the dangerous spirit and lopsided stance of Aboriginal signatory of 'The Uluru Statement from the Heart', Thomas Mayo.


Waren Mundine. Chairman - Liberty Works. A Serious Aboriginal advocate for his people.

Warren Mundine, (Sky News).

4). Pray for Australia to be delivered from Thomas Mayo's brand of Communism he is promoting accross the country. which will indeed have long tenticles of sympathy and collaboration with the World Economic Forum of the unelected elites and their presumed dominance over Australia.


The whole hearted involvement of Anthony Albenese with Klaus Schwab's (Lennist Communistic) WEF and the globalist's New World Order, presents a 'hand in glove' match with the communistic purposes of Thomas Mayo and 'The Voice to Parliament'.

Such insane elements operating in the political arena can only spell progress towards the globalist agenda of  economic mendacancy and breakdown of the country.

This is what the World Economic Forum's interference produced in Sri Lanka.

What frightening prospects lie latent in the insane idea of handing over power of governance in Australia to such radical ideas proposed by the "Yes Vote".

Dire straits ahead when you consider the list of participants that want to govern you and how you will live if you vote for them.

You would have with the 'Yes Vote':-

A). Thomas Mayo - Wharfie unionist, which union often held to ransom the shipping industry of Australia and thus the retail goods of the population of the Country.

Communist activist which Anthony Albanese considers him and his driving force upon the governance of Australia as a "modest request".

B). Teela Reid.

In the shadows of Thomas Mayo pushing the same outrageous agenda for 'The Voice' to "get back to these radical roots of the Communist Party" and "Demolish the systems that oppresses us".

C) Anthony Albanese, prime minister of Australia who refers to Thomas Mayo, Teela Reid and others of the "Uluru Statement From The Heart" as "remarkable people", but they are activists of 'Black Power' with a wild agenda of .."PAY THE RENT"  ... "REPARATIONS"... COMPENSATION .... PUNISH POLITIONS THAT IGNOR OUR ADVICE".... CHANGE THE SYSTEM.

All this firestorm is coming from a disgruntled miniscule percentage of the 3.28% Aboriginal population of Australia!

5). Pray urgently for Christian organisations that minister to Aboriginal people, that their eyes may be open to vote NO to 'The Voice'.

6).Pray for no compromise for the sake of financial favour and successful advantage in ministry by all Missionary welfare to Aboriginal needs.


It is a sad reality that because some Christian ministries, have ties of commitment to the world, there can be lacking accurate discernment, faith and a full stand for righteousness.

Noah was a preacher of righteousness, and we are in those days of lukewarm compliance to the Word of God which can mean serious loss.

"Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the LORD'S servant"? [Isaiah 42:19].

7). Pray for Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and her family, and the tireless great work in parliament as the shadow minister for indigenous Australians.

Prayer support for her outreach to aboriginal people and the need to wisely disseminate the details of the pending disaster of 'the Voice' to indigenous and non indigenous Australians.

8). Pray for all the various Christian churches and all religions for that matter, that there may be clear understanding of the utter urgency to vote NO to changing the constitution. NO to 'The Voice To Parliament'.













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