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T. Austin Sparks - Messages.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of

Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) was adopted

by the General Assembly on Thursday,

13 September 2007.


The Declaration is the most comprehensive international instrument on the rights of Indigenous peoples.

It establishes a universal framework of minimum standards for the survival, dignity and well-being of the Indigenous peoples of the world

and it elaborates on existing human rights standards and fundamental freedoms as they apply to Indigenous peoples.

The Declaration is particularly significant because Indigenous peoples, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, were involved in its drafting.



Extracts from …


"Recognizing the urgent need to respect and promote the inherent rights of indigenous peoples which derive from their political, economic and social structures and from their cultures, spiritual traditions, histories and philosophies, especially their rights to their

lands, territories and resources,

Further recognizing the urgent need to respect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples affirmed in treaties, agreements and other

constructive arrangements with States,

Convinced that control by indigenous peoples over developments affecting them and their lands, territories and resources will enable


them to maintain and strengthen their institutions, cultures and traditions, and to promote their development in accordance with their

aspirations and needs".


The charter of the UN when you look closely, it is easily detected that it is a menacing 'war cry' of wrongly perceived rights that argues against the Peace of Acceptance and just Equality!

Just imagine if every relationship was to be sorted by a Demand of Rights!

Everything would become unstuck.

96.8% of the current Australian innocent non aboriginal population are here!

The call should be, not about rights from any side, but acceptance (Reconcilation happened long ago), Equal participation, tolerance and co-operation.

Unfortunately, unification, benevolence and tolerance, is not the song that Thomas Mayo is singing, but rather a loud trumpet sound of Makarrata (a spear in the leg - Revenge) - "We are going to force them" - "There is nothing more powerful than building a first nation's voice" - "A Black institution" - "A black force to be reckoned with" - "Pay respects to the elders of the communist party who have played a very important role in our actvism" - "This is the first step" (how many steps are they planning?) - "Pay the rent" - "Reparations" - "Compensation" - "What legislation needs to be created" - "What legislation needs to be amended" - "And punish politicians that ignore our advice". [The Words of Thomas Mayo]

To all of that vehemence of spirit and threating words by Thomas, the prime minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese makes a clueless sorry puppy dog look, with the comment - "This is a modest request"!

Thomas Mayo is one of the leading champions of 'The Voice' and 'Makarrata Treaty' and has written a handbook called "The Voice to Parliament"

Ecclesiastes 9:17 "The words of wise men are heard in quiet

more than the cry of him that ruleth among fools".

Make No Mistake.

To vote - 'Yes' to 'The Voice to Parliament' and change of the constitution would spell a disasterous outcome for all Australians, aboriginal and non aboriginal.

The Communistic elements and the novice and major input (of "Black power") into governance of Australia, will spell the disaster, and melt down of the whole country.

Such a dilema will fit like a hand in glove with the UN and Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum plan of Globalist Control of Australia.

Then will all the aboriginal folk, non aboriginal and the Thomas Mayo activists as well, be caught under a Globalist takeover control that will have no regard to any (activist) claims of first peoples ownership of anything.

The only escape from the evil thick darkness that is starting to cover every nation and the globe, is come to Jesus who gave up all his 'rights' and whose 'activist' work of love was to die for all of humanity (including you) upon the cross bearing all our shame and missmanagement of our lives.

He rose again in victory over the grave, to give to All that come to him, the absolutely free gift of forgiveness, peace and Eternal LIFE!


Friend of a Wounded Heart.


Come on your knees to Jesus today and God will BLESS you.