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"Pray with

the Understanding".





"Fervant prayer of a

righteous man

availeth Much".



A 'Daily Mail' summation and round up of the realities of the awful barbaric nature of the Hamas terrorist attack on innocent and defenceless communities of Israel.

Warning: Graphic scenes.

Hamas Mercilessly massacre Festival attendees and border communities.


The pathetic response by the Australian government to the Palestinian (or more accurately, Hamas supporters), outrageous demonstration outside the Opera House lies squarely at the feet of the Prime Minister.

Anyone with an ounce of good pre-emptive sense would have known what ghoulishness and uncouth  behaviour would be perpetrated at the event and called in the Army to disperse the reprehensible ugly endeavours.

A Shout of Hooray for violent Terorism and massacre Allowed by the Australian Government!

What sort of leadership is at the helm of this nation to make allowance for such despicable and unruly behaviour on the streets of Sydney.

Allowance of a little evil festers into the destruction of everything good!

"Behold how great a matter a little fire kindeleth" [James 3:5].


Anthony Albanese -  An advocate, for the planned heist of Australia for gains of Aboriginal Exclusiveness SHOULD RESIGN AS PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA.

Uncanny that just what Anthony Albanese planned is exactly IN LINE with the interfering charted mandates of the United Nations Globalist Agenda for Australia!

Join The Dots Anyone?  

The Hidden Agenda of the UN involvement with Anthony Albanese's 'Voice to Parliament'.

Enough 'Dots' to join in the above video to make your head spin!




























Atrocities by Hammas terrorists.

Families burned alive.

Further info and  insights into the state of  things in Israel with the following video.


Insights and info on Day 9 of Israel's retaliation upon Hamas terrorists.

Israel is still God's chosen earthly Nation. The Church of Jesus Christ is God's "chosen generation (regenerated - heavenly - born from above), a Royal Priesthood, an holy Nation, a Peculiar people ..." [1 Peter 2:9].

The following a REALITY CHECK on the Truth about Hamas and the EVIL of Terrorism and the oppressive harbouring of it's enterprise in Gaza among the subjugated Palestinian people.

The shock horror of truth rocks the UN assembly.

Let's Be Clear.

The Christian position is Never one of Enemity against any soul of man BUT only Against the Evil He Sows in the Sea of Humanity to the Destruction of his own life and that of others.



The following interview by Jordan Peterson with Benjamin Netanyahu  is a very concise revelation of the historical God given claims to the disputed land of Israel.

The history (contemporary and Biblical), of the land of Israel and the conflict of its people.



Pathetic Albanese government surveilance of Islamic hate speech promotion of and justification of Palestinian (Islamic) terrorism and initiation of war.

Sky - Australia harbering terrorist spirit and hate language.

Whether it be Russia or Palastine. The guilt and condemnation lies with the party who initiated the War.

Chuck Holten (of CBN) in the following video outlines the horrific onslaught upon non combatent innocent people in Israel while many slept in their beds.


Graphic word descriptions in the following video and narrative.

CBN News.

Chuck goes on to describe (at 2:57 minutes on the video timeline) that ...

... "they put babies in ovens alive and roasted them while their mothers listened to them scream. They raped their  mothers in front of their husbands and then killed them both".

These attrosities and all influences that inspire them can only come from depraved souls who have soaked up demonic deception from Hell.

Pray for God's mercy upon the weakness, toleration and blindness to all the evil that is flooding Australia to the ruination of every good thing.


1). Pray for all perpetrators of such heinous crimes to be brought to justice.


"... Scatter Thou the people that Delight in War" [Psalm 68:30].

2). Pray for the call of scripture ... "Let God arise and his enemies be scattered" [Psalm 68:1]

It doesn't matter who you are personally or nationally, God is for the truly repentant sinner; and through Christ is offered the Free Great  Blessing of peace with God and forgivness.

3). Pray for hostages to be rescued.


4a). Pray for God's comfort for those who have loved ones abducted and held hostage. Comfort also for those who have suffered the loss of their family members, precious infants and children murdered.

4b). Comfort and help for all who escaped the festival and wider community ruthless terrorist ordeal. For healing and recovery from the trauma and injuries of a near death experience of the worst kind.

5). Pray for the Israeli forces to be under God's hand in this war. [2 Chronicles 32:22].

6a). Pray for God's mercy.

"His mercy endureth forever toward Israel" [Ezra 3:11].

There is much to be unpacked here with the following statement, but yet it behoves Christians before Heaven's Grace to declare such truth perchance any soul be thus smitten with worthy grief and remorse.

God's mercy is also available for any truly repentant perpetrator of such heinous acts, as have been carried out upon the innocent of Israel.


A truly repentant individual of any such crime is to then own up to a war crime for judgment.

The apostle Paul (in accordance with the Word of God) said ... "If I have done anything worth of death, I refuse not to die" [Acts 25:11]. All guilty of war crimes should be brought to the God ordained justice system of humanity to receive the appropiate sentence of judgment .

In the court of Heaven however, a guilty war crime offender that repents of his or her evil way and calls upon the Lord Jesus, receives instant forgiveness because Christ has paid the death penality for All sin for All who believe in Him [Acts 10:43].

"The vilest offender who truly believes, that moment from Jesus, a pardon receives" [Hymn].


6b). Pray for the hostages to be freed.

To look to Jesus our true Saviour and unfailing friend in their awful grievance of evil against them in this world of violence and desperation.

To Remember the wonderful comfort of Psalm 23 ... "The Lord is my Shepherd .... though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no Evil, Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me".

6c). Pray for those grieving for loved ones that are suffering under the cruelty of hostage oppression.

7). Pray for all in the conflict to consider death and eternity and the personal need of a Savour (the Lord Jesus Christ), from a world gone insane with a love for "the wages of unrighteousness".

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord [Romans 6:23].

8). Pray for the Australian Government to shake itself from the pathetic unequal partiality towards one side of national difference and a crack down upon demonstrations of wild and uncouth provocative hate speech.

The Albanese government is in much need of, out in the open Backbone to set it straight, what is acceptable and not acceptable in Australia.