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Written by Grant Hayman   



At the outset, the baseline of prayer for the nation of Australia (in the political arena) is the concern for all politicians and governments and bureaucrats to be delivered from the present darkness takeover of the world and it's nations by the global Cabal underhanded agenda


The United Nations.

The World Economic Forum.

The World Health Organisation.

Beware the smiling virtue signalling and fair speeches of today's political advocates of "build back better" - "re-invent our economy" - The big "Reset" (of Klaus Schwab and The World Economic forum) - "Collectivism" - "Globalism" "The New World Order" Utopia - "For the Common Good".

With the catch phrase of ... "We are all in this together".

To "build back better", first there must be "Breakdown", which is being perfectly orchestrated by the Albanese labour government.

Australia is in free fall towards ruin under Albanese.

Remember his "modest request" for the voice; and his partners in conspiracy were Thomas Mao and Teela Reid who louldly 'voiced' their communist advocacy.

Klaus Schwab (the founder of the WEF) is a Lenninist (communistadmirer and advocate for Chinese communism.

Australia is riddled with underground tunnels full of Communistic (UN "New World Order") political terrorist operatives sniping at the great living freedoms of the Australian way of life in a democratic society.

How can there be any wonder of Albanese's advocacy and kinship to communism with the outrageous affiliation with, and choice of Thomas Mayo (a feisty communist along with Teela Reid) to head up the establishment of "The Voice" and a separate indigenous parliament dividing Australia's governance! His call to the Australian people to forward his extreme plan of cooperation with this whipped up activist communist faction of the aboriginal people, he outrageously called "a modest request"!

The sheer blatant hide of Albanese to foist such a scam on the Australian people is an amazing flip of mad politics that beggers belief!

Elsewhere on this site is illustrated the strong stance by Aboriginal elders and people that the Uluru statement from the heart is "a trouble maker and should be burned".

Australian labour voter - Do you realise who you have handed over Australia to?

Simply the term .... "The United Nations" spells out to anyone with half a brain, the utter cancellation of sovereign national control by the resident votincitizens of any nation.

If the nations are to "Unite", who then becomes the governing body of that World wide entity? Certainly not the Aussie voter. That's finished. Control over every Aussie's life now comes under the oligarch elites that run the United Nations and it's new birthing total power play of 'World Control', without the agreement or vote of anyone in any society!

You will simply have Klaus Schwab's - "The 4th Industrial Revolution" where the big lie and robbery of your freedom will compel you (whether you like it or not), to own their ideology of .... "you will own nothing and be happy".

The following words were spoken by him at a Davos summit meeting of the "World Economic Forum" -

"The future is built by us.

By a powerful community as you here in this room. I created this community of Global Shapers as a means, as a Force to shape our common future".

How bizarre that a mere man that shall return to the dust should pridefully state and claim such significance to himself! It is exactly what Satan said before he was cast down to the earth - "I will exalt my throne ..I will ascend ... I will be like the most high" [Isaiah 14:13-14].

A mere man claiming he has "Created" an entity of "Global Shapers"!

Herod in the Bible tried such self promotion of glory and the angel of the Lord smote him. "He was eaten of worms and died" [Acts 12:23]. What a tragic end to self evoked glory!


When the nations leaders and other organisational high profile operators hear of such grand plans (at Davos) of "Global shaping" power and status being bestowed upon them, an ill begotten whirlwind of power lust and ambition spawns an irresistable passion to be part of such a partnered grand scheme to own the kingdoms of the world and "re-shape" - "re-invent" this "New World Order", with THEM AT THE TOP!

The political leaders of the western world plus NGO's (non governmental organizations) from all over the world, attend these cave meetings with much enthusiasm, sporting the dreamtime planned possibilities of Klaus Schwab's, above preposterous inflamed imagination of forcefully owning Your world!

Anthony Albanese did not attend the Davos meeting 2024. Kevin Rudd (a regular at Davos) attended in his capacity as ambassador to Washington.

The prime minister went to Davos 2024 by the back door through (the highly praised) Kevin Rudd of the Australian labour party.

Federal election 2022 Labor launch: Anthony Albanese sticks to small ...

Anthony Albanese cannot afford a 'buddy' image with the communistic driven World Economic Forum because of the glaring exact  alignment with the destructive agenda of bringing Australia to it's knees to be ripe picking (like with covid 19) for the "New World Order" to be further established: these mean elements, are already operating in a measure, by stealth in our parliament.

How mysteriously evil, the pieces fit together of Klaus Schwab's claim that his book, "The great Reset" encompassing the covid 19 (subjugation of the whole world) to be the perfect opportunity to "reset" the world, according to his 2 books - "The Great Reset" and "The 4th Industrial Revolution"!

The labour government has followed to a 'T' the "indigenous rights" mandate declaration of the United nations as was the case in the indigenous explosion in New Zealand under Ardern who is one of Klaus Shwab's "Young Global Leaders" of the World Economic Forum.

Can we see a pattern of strife under labour in New Zealand and in Australia? Klaus Schwab's "force" for global shaping through Adern in New Zealand has failed, and prayer is the Heaven sourced power that will oust the incompetent, subtle and disasterous Albanese labour party.

It behoves every Christian according to the Word of God, to pray for the delivering Mercy and Grace of God upon the individual and pray against the evil enterprise in which they are thus engaged.   

The Great Praise point is, the Word of God reveals, that the reversing by Klaus Schwab of God's divided nations is beyond the scope of mere man. When the Bible's "Man of Sin" (Antichrist) steps onto the World stage, his elevated anointing with all the powers of Satanic darkness and deceivableness, will only bring about the subjugation of all humanity, upon the outgathering to glory, the blessed Church of the saints.

Right up to the time of the rapture of the Church there will be "wars and rumours of wars" thwarting any scheme of a man made "United Nations" to effect Global peace and oneness. Even after the Church vacating the earth and the tribulation begins under the Antichrist, the second almost immediate global effect is, Peace is taken from the earth "and that they should kill one another" [Revelation 6:4].

Right now our world is in great conflict with wars between nations and what effect has the United Nations proffered upon that sad wretchedness in the last 79 years??

All that the UN and the WEF and the WHO are about, is a tragic discomfort to the peoples of the world who are coerced into subjection by the political deceptions of men with formed enterprises of a "New World Order" globalist agenda and power under their control!

Always the degree of successful evil on any nation, is according to the prayerlessness of it's people!
"But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer".









"Pray with






"Fervent Prayer of

a Righteous man

Availeth Much.



Anthony Albanese

Labour Government.


The most horrific "Wrecking Ball" government ever to govern Australia!

*1. Cost of living wrecked.

* 2. Australian border safety Disaster.

* 3. Deliberate Irresponsible Immigration Policy.

* 4. Wreckless

unethical release of criminal detainees into the Australian community.

* 5. Defence capability scale back.

* 6. Government seizing control of public preference of television viewing.

* 7. Needed attention to veteran's suicide recommendations.

* 8. Queensland police service numbers depleated

* 9. The hide of the Albanese government to seek to legislate, interfere and promote forced 'disconnect' rights upon businesses, employer and employee relationships.

* 11. The proven dangerous ideology of Chris Bowen and the government push towards electric vehicles.

* 12.The Albanese government exasperating the housing crisis by massive immigration policy.

* 13. The blind and ill conceived decision to Recind Australia's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

* 14. Albanese Labour Government legislative crackdown on living in a caravan on Private property!

The above is really only the tip of the iceberg of the evil ramifications of this 'wrecking ball' Albanese government.

* 15. Labour have passed the digital ID arrest of the privacy of every Australian.

Listen carefully to the "tin hat" comments of an outside influence in the following video.

The squeeze is on your personal life!

* 16. The ruthless pursuit of the Albanese government to shut down the Australian right of free speech!

Check out the following video evidence, of obvious worldwide government alignment with the global cabal of the "New World Order", to silence evidence of the overt forceful plans of world control.

The overthrow of Free Speech - ADH TV.


* 17. The disasterous ban on Western Australia Live sheep exports by the Albanese Heist government.

Note in the following Video the mention by Tony Seabrook (Pastoralists and Graziers Association WA President) that ....

..."Shutting down this trade is going to kill a lot of country towns". That destructive political ploy is the exact "New World Order" plan of the '30 minute cities' already in the pipeline for Australia!!

Labour betrayal of regional towns and good hard working Australian families. The utter evil of the planned ruin of the Australian Freedom of life by political powers!!

Surprise truth that shouldn't really amaze you given the malfunctioning of sincerity and righteousness sweeping the world.

The folowing is some reality from the "Daily Insight" Report.

Cost of living round up.


Immigration Crisis:

Albanese's labour party immigration radicalisation attack on Australia.

Dumping Australian hopes of a home Off the streets!


Disasterous stance of Albanese Government on boarder protection.

Albanese says "NO" to turning back boat arrivals. Betrayal of the urgency of the security and wellbeing of Australia to the unknown, coming into the country. Gross negligence of a man in the top job. Deliberate careless negligence of the big question of possible potential harm to the community of Australia.

Open door to criminal people smuggling.

Another Labour wrecking ball to pound Australia!


Digital ID for Australia - A nice hand shake with the oppressive ridged control toughed upon the people of China!

"Big differences to manage": Albanese and Xi put a value on diplomacy ...Once again smiles and fair speeches that all is harmless: and though there will be complete knowledge of every aspect of your life, Albanese assures you in the midst of broken promises that - "My word is my bond"!

Uncovering the ID hoax.


Andrew Giles and

Released Criminals.

What a disgraceful governmental mismanagement of criminal detainees in Australia.

The Andrew Giles coverup with false information about the released detainees being monitored by drones. All to the further peril of the Australian community.

Sky News - Flawed community security danger of the  Albanese labour  government.

A compromising weak government produces across the spance of it's juristriction, a tendency towards collapse of human behaviour and moral integrity.

Australia has experienced since weak Albanese, an avalanche of appalling breakdown of behavioural self control and excuse for immoral licence of the worst kind!

* Open public lethal knife attacks.

* Irresponsible toleration of violent Islamic and other culture activists and hate speech.

* The appalling escalation of the abuse and murder of women by husbands and partners.

* Government release of outrageous criminals into the community which enhances the deception - "Just do it, you may get away with it"!

How primed the deceived mind is in these days to think .... "If government let's criminals loose and free, maybe there is room for me to murder and survive with many good days ahead".

The world is heading towards a grisly end; not because of the foolhardy notion of 'global warming' or 'overpopulation' but because of unstable men "in high places" that "love the wages of unrighteousness" [Ephesians 6:12; 2 Peter 2:15].

These unstable souls in the beauocracy realm of world governments under the influence of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum (and Communism) are wreaking governmental internal implosion worldwide!

UN agenda for the 21st. Century.

Albo changed his mind and is reported to be "softening" the laws about deportation of criminals to New Zealand. That occured after conversation with New Zealand's ex prime minister, Jacinda Ardern who is one of Klaus Schwab's (World Economic Forum) prized "young Global Leaders".

The agenda of the WEF, is to pull apart democratic nations, till they are forced to capitulate to a one world Global governmental control of every human being on the planet!

Remember the Covid, so called 'pandemic'? The harsh mandates, oppressive robbery of freedoms, lock downs, ruination of businesses, and the financial ruin of countless thousands of lives plus the horrendous government listings on the VAERS website of deaths and sickness attributed to the vaccines? All was under the influence of coerced compliance of the nation's governments to the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organisation.

ALL UNDER THE BIG KAHUNA OF THE UNITED NATIONS! and their Godless stink bomb of World control over everything, including You!

"You will own nothing and be happy".

".......When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him". [Isaiah 59:19]


1). An urgency among all Christians, ministers and Churches to rise up to prayer for Australia and the nations of the world to be delivered from the Gobalist's "One World Government" nefarious schemes of soverign world control.

2). Pray for Deliverance of Australia from the destructive dangers of the Albanese and Penny Wong perversion of good, wholesome and faithful government.

3). Pray for the Lord's block on any further impingement of the 'digital ID' spy network by the government upon Australians.

4). Pray for the wreckless Immigration policy to be abandoned.

5). Pray for the tightening of border security and a change of the weak childish emotion of "boats have people"! It's people, the wise would do well to be weary of!

6). Pray for the solving of the criminal detainees debacle and for those who have been injured and affected by the detainees re-offending.

7). Once again - Pray for this great country under the blessing of God to be delivered from the unrelenting destructive management of this country by the Albanese Labour Government.

Sky News - Chris Kenny and "Labour's 7 Fatal Flaws".

8). Pray according to the following wonderful counsel of the Word of God.

1Timothy 2:1-4.

"I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;

For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;

Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth".

9). Pray for a change of the severe intermeddling of the Albanese government in local council matters to legislate against freedom of people to temporarily use a caravan or similar dwelling on their own property because of financial needs.

10). Pray against The Albanese government and their persistent infringement upon private and corporate life that is none of their business.

In particular the nosy push to force legislation upon employers and employee relationships with 'Disconnect' rules and regulations that appear to characterise the government a lot like a Union weighing in for the benefit of the employee!

11). Pray for the labour party of Albanese to unequivocally be  ousted from troubling the people of Australia any more!

Revelation 4 & 5 - God's Throne In Heaven - Lamb Worthy To Open 7 Seals

Come "Boldly to the throne of grace" (Hebrews 4:16) to plead the cause of righteousness against the unashamedness behaviour of the labour party against the free God given blessing of the Australian people.

12). Pray for God's mercy upon all people of the world that are suffering grief from oppressive tyrannical governments that forcefully rob people of Freedom and Life.

13). Pray for a wakeup of not only the Australian government but also the reckless, and careless attitudes of the pleasure loving people of this country.

People that are concerned about the political and spiritual well being of this country are rare.

The sad case of the entire world is as the Bible declares ....

..... "In the last days perilous times shall come, for men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud ...." [2 Timothy 3:1-2].

As a Christian, one cannot help but be grieved at the disasterous condition of men's hearts in all the dilema of his sin and unconscious awareness of his shame.

Dishonest, gravity loose politicians are in their leading role, of great consequence to any people, yet we laugh and smirk at the most horrendous attitudes and characters of men, which lead to horrendous acts of dire consequences.

"Behold what great a matter a little fire kindleth" [James 3:5].

In other words, what great destruction develops from a tiny spark.


14). Pray for Tony Seabrook and the live sheep export farmers and all the associated businesses and families gravely affected by the ban by the Albanese government on 'live sheep exports' of Western Australia. Pray for a rescinding of this seriously wrong treatment against the livelihood of thousands of Western Australia people.