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Written by Shaun Beswarick   


 "He Turned the sea into dry land: they went through the flood on foot : there did we rejoice in Him .... Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through Water: but Thou broughtest us out into A Wealthy Place " [Psalm 66:6,12.]


God turned the foaming, restless, deep sea into dry land . This Red Sea loomed as an impossible obstacle to the travelling Israel - it's depth much to much for any of them to deal with.  God lead them there though, to show His power and His deliverance.  The Lord can deliver from any depth of difficulty or circumstance and do something even more astounding - allow us to walk through the Red Sea on foot !

To walk on foot here is to walk with nothing to lean on, nothing to ride in or sail over the sea in - Israel would know only one deliverer and need only look to Him; to walk on foot is to walk by faith.  Then, even in the middle of such a depth, with the ocean walls on either side, we will "rejoice in Him".


Jesus is for us the dry ground upon which to walk by faith through a world where depths of trouble and difficulty rise in front of us - He will deliver and, as verse 12 declares, bring us "into a wealthy place".

Ministry given at Church by : Shaun Beswarick. - Sunday Evening 28th. June 09.

Written by : Shaun Beswarick.

J e sus Loves You.

God Bless.