Home "A Large Place" Ps.18:19.

T. Austin Sparks - Messages.


Have just finished reading the  book of Jonah, [Jonah 1:17 - 2:10.] and how The Lord confined him to a very dark and small place. Being thrown overboard and at the bottom of the sea in the belly of a whale ("Great Fish") is not what you call a "Large Place" and yet what a Large place the Lord brought him into.

As Jonah entered into this "Great City" [Jonah 1:2.] that was rejoicing much with the wonderful news that, that nuisance Prophet in Israel was dead, you could Imagine the fear that would have come over them after seeing him alive and hearing this message of God's Judgement, because coming with that message was the living proof that, Jonah had been raised from the dead! and so the whole city repented and believed.

By resurrection Life we can be brought into such large blessing that only Heaven could orchestrate.

How  confined was David, a hunted man and hiding in a cave, [ 1 Samuel 22:1.] and yet what a "Large place" The Lord was preparing him for, to be The king of Israel! and that is indeed a large place. Psalm 18 is the occasion of David stuck, and hiding in the cave Adullam from the wrath of Saul the king of Israel.

We can be encouraged, that though we may find ourselves in the dealings of The Lord, being confined in some "Adullam" cave; this tightness in His wonderful purpose, is His gracious preparation for Largeness of Blessing.

Largeness of Heart is the skillful preparation working of The Lord, that first must take place before we can be brought into the very special, valued and "LARGE" place The Lord has for us; this order of things is seen very clearly with Solomon... 

 "And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding  much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea shore" [1 Kings 4:29.]  

What Great "largeness of heart" The Lord gave him "as the sand on the sea shore" and then what largeness of place he entered into as king of Israel and blessing that no other king would surpass except for The Lord Himself who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

 "The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children" [Psalm 115:14.]

The Lord bless you with this encouragement of  His will and purpose, no matter what your need; "Trust and not be afraid" and you will with joy draw water out of the wells of salvation! [Isaiah 12:2-3.]

Jesus can "Raise" you up like David and Jonah!

God Bless.