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Giant Despair and Doubting Castle. Part 21.


                                                              Part 21.




    Now there was, not far from the place where they lay, a castle, called

   Doubting Castle, the owner whereof was Giant Despair, and it was in his



   grounds they now were sleeping: wherefore he, getting up in the morning

   early, and walking up and down in his fields, caught Christian and

   Hopeful asleep in his grounds. Then with a grim and surly voice, he bid

   them awake, and asked them whence they were, and what they did in his

   grounds. They told him they were pilgrims, and that they had lost their

   way. Then said the giant, You have this night trespassed on me by

   trampling in and lying on my grounds, and therefore you must go along

   with me. So they were forced to go, because he was stronger than they.

   They also had but little to say, for they knew themselves in a fault.

Pilgrim and Hopeful come to the Delectable mountains. Part 22. | Print |


                                                            Part 22.




   ¶ They went then till they came to the Delectable Mountains, which

   mountains belong to the Lord of that hill of which we have spoken

   before. So they went up to the mountains, to behold the gardens and

   orchards, the vineyards and fountains of water; where also they drank

   and washed themselves, and did freely eat of the vineyards. Now, there

   were on the tops of these mountains shepherds feeding their flocks, and

   they stood by the highway-side. The pilgrims, therefore, went to them,

   and leaning upon their staffs, (as is common with weary pilgrims when

   they stand to talk with any by the way,) they asked, Whose Delectable

   Mountains are these; and whose be the sheep that feed upon them?

Ignorance and a man with 7 Devils. Part 23. | Print |


                                                          Part 23.


   ¶ And I slept, and dreamed again, and saw the same two pilgrims going

   down the mountains along the highway towards the city. Now, a little

   below these mountains, on the left hand, lieth the country of Conceit,

   from which country there comes into the way in which the pilgrims

   walked, a little crooked lane. Here, therefore, they met with a very

   brisk lad that came out of that country, and his name was Ignorance. So




   Christian asked him from what parts he came, and whither he was going.

Pilgrim and Little Faith. Part 24. | Print |


                                                                            Part 24. 


   ¶ Then said Christian to his fellow, Now I call to remembrance that which

   was told me of a thing that happened to a good man hereabout. The name

   of the man was Little-Faith; but a good man, and he dwelt in the town

   of Sincere. The thing was this. At the entering in at this passage,

   there comes down from Broadway-gate, a lane, called Dead-Man's lane; so

   called because of the murders that are commonly done there; and this

   Little-Faith going on pilgrimage, as we do now, chanced to sit down

   there and sleep. Now there happened at that time to come down the lane

   from Broadway-gate, three sturdy rogues, and their names were



   Faint-Heart, Mistrust, and Guilt, three brothers; and they, espying

Pilgrim and Hopeful meet Flatterer. Part 25. | Print |


                                                                Part 25.



  ¶ So they went on, and Ignorance followed. They went then till they came


   at a place where they saw a way put itself into their way, and seemed

   withal to lie as strait as the way which they should go; and here they

   knew not which of the two to take, for both seemed strait before them:

   therefore here they stood still to consider. And as they were thinking


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