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Joshua Ch. 24. Mighty Works of The Lord. | Print |  E-mail
Bible Study - Joshua




               Joshua Ch. 24.


          Theme: The Mighty Works of The Lord. 12:31.


Presented Themselves before God. 24:1.

¶ Joshua here is Paul in Romans chapter 12:1. I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. Joshua goes over Israel's history, going as far back as Abraham's father! The mercies of God are presented to Israel and a beseeching of the people just as Paul, to not be conformed to this world but to be transformed. In Romans 12:1 the body is the object to be presented - "the body of this death" [[Romans 7:24.] and then all potential death to the will of God is reigned in.

Joshua Ch. 23. Glories and Warnings! | Print |  E-mail
Bible Study - Joshua



              Joshua Ch. 23.


       Theme: Glories and Warnings!


Long time Rest. 23:1.

¶ This long time rest for Israel is what the Lord gave. There is long term Rest for the believer as what is desired and what is initiated is of the Lord. What we establish, desire and initiate the Lord will bring to death as he did in the case of David at Ziklag. We are invited to "sup" with the Lord concerning all our desires and heart aches and His promise is to bring us to His great table of grand supper goodness that words fail to describe! A heart open to the Lord is a heart that shall "greatly rejoice" [Psalm 21:1.]

Joshua Ch. 22. Cleave unto The Lord! | Print |  E-mail
Bible Study - Joshua



            Joshua Ch. 22.


Kept and Obeyed. 22:2.

¶ The order here is "kept" and "obeyed". Obedience that is the result of "precious regard" is not a cold calculated "must or else" but is what Paul said to the Church at Rome ... "you have obeyed from the heart" [Romans 6:17.] Where obedience is the "object" death is the result. Where heart registered preciousness of Christ and the Word is the "object" Life and joyful obedience is the result. Where a believer is lacking in "obedience" the need is not confrontation to coerce obedience but a need of revelation of the preciousness of Christ and The Word and will of God and it is then that the action that is "worked out" will be "In The Spirit" and not "in the flesh". Paul said "Are ye so foolish having begun in the Spirit are ye now made perfect by the Flesh" [Galatians 3:3.] "Spiritual" activity "in the flesh" is uninspired self effort resulting in self righteousness and vain claims of spiritual achivement and maturity. 

Joshua Ch. 20-21. Promised & Faithful! | Print |  E-mail
Bible Study - Joshua


                  Joshua Ch. 20-21


       Promised and Faithful

    The Lord speaks to His Servant. 20:1.

¶ The book of Joshua is full of the Lord speaking! To enter into the will of God there is a need to be directed: A "loose Cannon" in the work of the Lord is a problem and dangerous. Here Joshua is no "loose Cannon" - The Lord speaks to him. Right at the outset of the promised Land campaign Joshua exhibts a love for the Lord, surrender and worship. Ref. Joshua 5:14. There is no campaign but just "Pain" when as Christians, we function on "presumption" and know very little of the Lord revealing Himself to us and of the joy and living experience of hearing His Voice. Servants are Listeners!

Joshua Ch. 18-19. Shiloh. | Print |
Bible Study - Joshua


¶ These Study notes are only intended to provide "a crumb from the Masters table" and if that be the joyful find then there is cause on our part to be thankful to the Lord. There is much that can flow on from the "seed" thoughts. The referenced verses at the bottom of the study can provide a springboard into a greater  expansion of the precious truths briefly touched on. 

Joshua Ch. 18-19.

Completness at Shiloh


** Jesus is your Shiloh. 18:1.**

¶ "Shiloh" means "tranquility". Oxford Dictionary: "calm serene unruffled, not agitated, as preserved tranquil state of mind." Jesus is THE SHILOH. Genesis 49:10 The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be. Though as we walk this earthly clod of many raging storms, Jesus is our Peace no matter how the storm may rage! Do You have peace about everything, such as your present circumstances or past sin and failures? Hand ALL over to Jesus and you will be at SHILOH!


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